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so yea i'm having a great week my baby was going to come and see me last weekend and we were going to a wedding and she tells me that she got sick and wasn't going to be able to make the trip then yesterday i find out it was a lie and she was here in town and didn't even let me know and made me think she was 4 hrs away sick in bed. and she swears up and down that she is sry adn it will never happen again cuz shes been regretin it the whole time and my brain is tellin me that i should just end it right now and move on where as my heart is tellin me that i can't take the chance of not tryin to make it work and that i should believe her that it will never happen again so yea i have no idea what to do so if any one has any advice at all plz i beg u to share it with me and on top of all of this yesterday was the day that changed my life its been yr since the wreck and that turned everything upside down in my world i guess the 19th of june and the month of june in all is just a bad month for me cuz it is also will i found out that my ex amanda had cheated on me right b4 she broke with me and came back to me just to turn around and do it again so yea june sucks and i hope that july just gets better
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