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Wicked Skull's blog: "Hunter"

created on 04/15/2008  |  http://fubar.com/hunter/b207548
Hunter Hey all what up? Well I got a phone call today burned up all my minutes but it was a worth while phone call...... It was UIC in chicago finally getting back to me about Hunter well here is the news the program for which he qualifys for starts on june 3rd so we are gonna be travel to Chicago starting on that day and continuing on til we have all the answers and then some we will be going there once a week if not twice a week I know it will be worth the several trips and am very happy and grateful for them to finally give me the answers I need, but meds ya they want to start giving him small doses of prozac that I am not to happy bout they said if anything it is to help slow down his ocd which clearly he has one!!!!!! I did not think they can give a child so young that kind of med but you learn somethin new all the time. I am excited that the ball is getting started but I am a little aprhensive at the same time what if they can not get all the answers ? What if they never will? what if Hunter and I will have questions for the rest of his life? these and other questions run thru my head I want so much for them to have or find the answers so that Hunter can finally smile for the first time for the right reasons and not cause the voices in his head tell him!!!!!! This little boy has been thru so much in such a small lifetime that if I can give him one thing it would be happiness and contenment and if this happens I know it will be because all have prayed for it and for that I will be so gracious!!! I quess I will know as soon as the test starts but til then I will still have questions??????? so this is theupdate I will inform of more as soon as I know!!!!!!
Hunter Current mood: excited Hey everyone how are we doing? Well I have gotten some real good news,as you all know Hunter has a few issues,other than who his parents are. lol As you all know Hunter is autistic with adhd and maybe just a couple more issues we are not sure whatever it is I am at my wits end with trying to guide this child thru a normal life it aint happining well we all know the Illinois Valley area sucks as far as pediaric anything so we searched and our search led us back home yep good ol Chicago we got a phone call from UIC and they just recieved several grants for the same things we are havin problems with Hunter and by chance we call and whoo hoo we got the call today that Hunter has been accepted! In two weeks we will be makin a trip to Chicago to make the initial appointment to do things like physicals and a whole battery of test both mental and physical and then take it from there I find this to be the best news so far to know there will finally be an end to our terror I know it is not and exact end to it but it will finally be questions asked like what did I do wrong ? why? how? and the all famous now what do we do? To finally have some of these questions answered and then some will be total joy! I love Hunter no matter what the outcome and I would not have him any other way but to finally be able to put some kind of normalcy to his life will be the best thinh for him for me for all so lets put are hands together for a prayer and cross aour fingers that this will finally be the answers we are lookin for and put a smile on a little boy who has not really smiled for the right reasons before
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