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Stevens's blog: "How To's"

created on 12/20/2008  |  http://fubar.com/how-to-s/b266817  |  140 followers
(How To) Adding Music

Everyone listens to a different Genre of music (whether it be Rap, Metal, Rock or any of the other Genre's out there). There are a few ways to listen to music online and I will try my best to give you a few Music Players and How To Add Them To Your Fu-Profile. For those that don't know what an Online Music Player is it pretty much sums it up in its name being that it is a way for members to let other members listen to the typical music that particular member may or may not like.

Below I have added an embed player from AddictedToRadio.com with a rewrite of the code below so the player is ready for an easy embed.

Copy the code below I will explain further down how to add it to your profile page


There are different ways to embed a player within a website. There is also different embed players a website may give you for their particular Stream. I will show you two websites that will let you search, upload and share your own remixed music then I will show you how to embed the players within your About Me tab on your Main Profile.

The websites I will show you is:


Please Note:I will explain how to add the players Embed Code on the bottom of this blog

Second Note: I used Comodo Ice Dragon to Setup and Acquire each Embed Code.

Setting Up To Use Hypster.com

So all the popular websites (ie. Playlist.com and Mixpod.com) wants to either make there music privatized or is Closing Down. Also I would have added a MusicDumper player within this blog, but their popup-ads have Malware inside of them that has tried to get onto my PC multiple times. Instead this blog will be about Setting Up then Embedding a customized player from Hypster.com.

Follow the steps below to Setup and Acquire the Embed Code:

Open Your Desired Browser


Direct Your Browser To Hypster.com


Click On The Login Link


Once You Have Logged-In Your Homepage Will Be Viewable



Click On The Register Link
(If you haven't created a profile yet)


Once You Have Entered The Necessary Information You Will Be Directed To A Newly Created Homepage


On Any Of These Homepages Locate The Input Box That Says Enter Artist, Song or Genre & Do What It Says


Once You Have Typed In The Artist OR Song Name You Will Be Directed To A Results Page


If Your Choice Does Have Results Click The Add To Playlist Link & That Choice Will Come Up On A Popup Window.


Once You Have Reviewed The Song Choice You Can Either
Click The Add & Go To My Playlist Link Or
Click The Add & Get More Link To Add More Songs To Your Playlist
(Please Note: Anytime You Want To Add Songs The Same Popup Window Will Appear)


If You Want To Upload Your Own Playlist Click On The Advanced Seach Button.
(You Can Only Upload Music From Youtube.com At This Time)
(Warning: Some Youtube Videos Will Not Work On An Embed Player)


After You Have Added All The Songs You Wanted To Your Playlist
Click On The Create Link Locate On The Top Of The Page


Once The Page Has Loaded Click On The Create Player Tab


Once The Page Has Reloaded Click On The Classic Player Button
(Please Note: Only The Classic Player Will Work On Fubar)


All You Have To Do Now Is Edit The Colors Of The Players.
When Your Done Click On The Get Code Button To Get The Embed Code


Now All You Need To Do Is Copy The Code To The Clipboard & Save It To A Notepad
To Add The Embed Code To Your Profile Follow The Steps On Adding The Embed Code To Your Profile Below.

When You Place Your Player On Your Profile It Will Look More or Less Like The One Below
The Player Below Is Live

Music Playlist at Hypster.com

Adding Embed Code To Profile

Open Your Desired Browser


Direct Your Browser To Fubar.com & Locate The Login Area


If you use the fsB Homepage locate Account



If you either have the Menu Style Homepage Locate My then click it
(Homepages Limited To: Hotness, Old Normal & Old & Janky)

Home My Hottest Latest Games DrinksBling

Once Your Inside Your Settings Locate Your About Me & Interest Tab


Take The Embed Code You Got From Hypster.com
And Add It To The Empty Textarea On The About Me Section


Now Scroll to The Bottom & Click The Green Save Button


A Bouncer Check May Come Up Just Fill It Out & Submit It


Once You Have Submitted The Bouncer Check Your Content Should Now Be Saved


You Can View What You Just Added To Your Account At Any Time
Just Go To Your Public Profile On Your Homepage


If you have any further questions about this or any other player topics
Please feel free to leave a comment on this blog or private message a Fubar Bouncer and they will try to help you the best they can.
For faster results you can also visit the Support Lounge and the staff/members will help you to the best of their abilities..

© This blog is subject to change at any given time

© This blog does have a copyright notice and cannot be copied unless given permission by its owner

Copyright© Adding Music™ ~ All Rights Reserved
Blog Designed/Moderated by: §tevens
Players Hosted by: Hypster.com
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