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So I had my second daughter September 10th. She is so beautiful. We named her Haley Marie. My other daughter which is 4 1/2 loves her so much. She can't wait til she can play and all. Im actually excited having two girls. Don't have to buy new toys or clothes..LOL Im done having kids though. I had to have another c section so very painful again so im done. My first one was worse bec I was in labor for 14 hours then had to have a c section. Im enjoying life though now and happy with the way everything is going. Im still not talking to my oldest sister and I have tried but she doesn't care. Thats fine with me. She wants to be like this then I don't have to help her clean her apt anymore or hear all the problems she has. I guess she is talking about divorce again which doesn't surprise me but im not believing it until she actually does it. Now that I don't really talk to her anymore my life has been less stressful. All I can say is Im happy to be a proud mommy to two beautiful girls. My life couldn't be any better then it is now!!!!
So today I finally got my daughter enrolled in Pre-K. Im excited because she already knows someone that is going to be in her class course they fight a lot but thats to be expected. She is so excited to go to school. We went out and got her some new clothes and all the school supplies. It makes me feel all tingly inside..LOL She is only going to gone for 4 hours during the day but hey being with her since day one every day, 4 hours is nice..LOL She will be going to a military school so thats one thing I like about it. The only thing I don't really like is there are a lot of mexicans that go there and don't speak english but luckily I know a lil spanish and she knows some as well. So Im almost done with my pregnancy. I will be 36 weeks soon which is 9 months. I can't wait to have this baby. It has been so hotttt here where Im from and I have been so miserable bec of how hot it is. I found out Im having another c section which sucks bec I wanted to try VBAC but its alright. I kind of knew it was coming just wasn't sure. Im scheduled to have one on the 10th of September. Im very nervous just bec im getting cut again but other then that it should be a breeze. I know everything is going fine now. I still feel the baby a lot and boy does it hurt sometimes. Im just glad my hubby is here with me this time. He has got to see my belly grow since day one and feel her move. Its cute to look at his face when it happens. THose are priceless moments. Anywho I thought I would fill you in of what has been going on. I haven't been on here that much bec of all the bullshit that was going on so I stayed away. Now my sister doesn't want nothing to do with her family so all is good now. The drama won't start anymore. She can live her miserable life with all her friends that are pretty much back stabbers like herself and a not so good husband and I will live my life peaceful and exciting and have a husband that treats me great. I feel sorry for her kids and thats it. Who tells your mother that your son doesn't like Papa anymore or is scared of him?? Hmmm this lil boy loved is Papa like his own father and all the sudden he is scared of him..BULLSHIT!!! The only way he is scared of him is if the parents tell him to be. Oh well I live many miles away and my daughter always loves her grandparents and remembers them..hhhmmmmm I wonder???
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