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WHT Q VG K KG's blog: "how i feel"

created on 05/04/2008  |  http://fubar.com/how-i-feel/b213015
Sometimes I wonder how you really feel . You came to me so , Could this be real? When I saw you it was like love at first sight . You were innocent and carefree, how could this be right? The first time you touched me the anxiet built up inside. I was overcome with so many thoughts in my mind . You were gentle on the eyes with a salemen smile. Ithe love you passessed would be mine after while. How could I know it would go this far? There was somthing about you that captured my heart. Before I met you I was filled with sadness. Hurt by someone else plagued by never ending madness. But you made me happy once again . In you I found a lover and a friend . Tho we are Young I don't love you any less. So special to me , I know that I'm blessed. I love you more and more each day . I hope that you will never take your love away. Done by Christine
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12 years ago
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