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grayghost00xWhiSp3r IN ThE wiNd's blog: "Fodder for thought ?"

created on 11/29/2010  |  http://fubar.com/fodder-for-thought/b338021  |  1 followers

Let's just call it a bj gotcha and make it easy, allright. OH! and don't let me forget Mr. Joe Black=one of your favorite bouncers. He's got his quotes down to as few words as possible so his typing finger doesn't get warn out.

Last night I was checking my level up requirements when POP there is CHOOSE Angel or Devil? So I looked and it wasn't too clear so I approached one of my ladies with a question of what is it and what do I do? She told me about the choices and I figured Angel (good ghost) and she said she was never charged anything when she chose. So I goes back and click on Angel and when I go back to my home page I got 147,000 fubucks left because fu saw fit to create a new case of banckruptcy.

Now I proceed to another fufrnd and she says she never got charged either when she chose and I should contact support. Of course I get one of the (male) bouncers who I NEVER have gotten any kind of answer from at any time and am told in as many words: Tough luck, that's the way it goes.

NOW I'm out 10 mil for what--a head with a ring on top--HEY BJ***WAKE UP AND START TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR MEMBERSHIP***SOMETHING YOU SEEM TO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH. It's not only this A & D thing but I lost 70,000 bucks sending rounds a couple weeks ago because there was NO MESSAGE that the system was down and being worked on. COMMUNICATION IS  WHAT MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND! You azz.

I have made some fantastic frnds on here--Classic and Sybil both said they'd give me 10 mil if I'd stay. Ya Know what I said, NO? It's not thier problem--it was created by a person who don't really give a shit about the membership as long as his ego stays sailing in the wind--it's kinda  like bird chit and always lands on some poor innocents head. I talked with 5 more frnds who also never heard of any new rule unless you changed from angel to devil or vice-versa.

What are you ppl gonna do? Wait until (HE) gets finished turning this place into a kiddie playground since that is the direction he's headed.. GET IN HIS FACE AND STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES....THIS IS "YOUR" NETWORK, NOT HIS===IT'S 5,000,000 TO 1.


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