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2choosey4you's blog: "For The Lost"

created on 11/28/2011  |  http://fubar.com/for-the-lost/b344941

Hooked on Holiness


For most of mankind today, even the thought of holiness disturbs and saddens them. The reason being is the conscious acknowledgement of the purely sinful choices that have been made, and are still being made by them.


I know this because I have been on that road most of my adult life. I have been a slave to my sinful nature and have sought to satisfy it in every way possible. I could not reach a point of satisfaction; there was always more to find and more to do. It was as they say: “no rest for the wicked”.


Having had an introduction to Christ as a child, I later in life chose to consider what was offered by Christ more seriously. I did some research and tried some practices to see if I could get some relief from the burden of my sinful bondage. Moments of what I called peace came, but they were quickly replaced by an even greater urge to pursue some sort of old behavior that was based in sinfulness.


Time after time I tried this practice, and every time I failed to keep any peace for any lengthy amount of time. I began to look at what Christ taught even more closely to see what I was doing wrong. I began to see that I was consciously still holding on to some sinful acts and thoughts and considering them acceptable.


It was there that I was led to see even more deeply. I say that ‘I was led’ because I had no idea where I was going, or how to get to where I needed to be. I was led to see how my sinful thoughts preceded my sinful behavior. It was there that I received the most startling revelation. All thought precedes all experience. I had heard this along the way in my research, but I was not connecting it as deeply and as honestly as I needed to.


From that point on I began a more in-depth application of what Christ teaches in His Word. I began to see how my considerations were in fact sinful influences that led to sinful choices and actions. This was very hard to admit, it was as if the sinful influences did not want to be seen as they were.


This was a painful process, and I weep a lot after seeing how I dug the deep pit of misery that I was trying to get out of. But a sense of an unfamiliar presence began to come into my awareness. At that time I could not identify it, and I was still weak from weeping and confessing all that I had realized that I had chose to do.


As this went on for a period of time (not that long, maybe a week), I began to feel a comfort that was deeper than my physical senses. I began to feel deeper than my physical senses; that was quite a discovery for me. It was there that I discovered what peace really was. All my life I thought I knew what peace was from my experience, peace is not a physical sense; peace is a spiritual sense. Our souls feel peace when we truly have it. Our bodies experience rest and we call it peace.


What a revelation this was for me; world peace is a concept held by man. Peace for mankind is accomplished one soul at a time. That was the beginning of my experience in the presence of Holiness. Today I have learned the importance of an abiding relationship with God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I’ve also learned that nowhere on earth is holiness found. In fact; the dominate influence man has all over the planet comes from the principalities of darkness.


The urges we receive that seem to come out of nowhere, actually come out of the air, where the principalities of darkness rule (and how far into the air have we gone to make our home? Hmm). What we fail to see and to consider as real to us does not make it invalid. Its influence upon us causes us to makes it invalid, it (the principalities of darkness; evil.) does not want man to consider its existence. That way it can influence us without detection. How do I say these things with such conviction? Because conviction in the truth is what the Holy Spirit provides mankind. That is why Christ left it for man after He ascended back into heaven.


I seriously do not expect anyone to take this story in its entirety as I have written it. What I do expect, is that one or two people will consider the fact that holiness has not been revealed very well to them in all of their lives. And to personally question how holiness can be preached without the conviction of truth concerning all things. This may be enough to spark an investigation into a personal holiness relationship.


The principalities of darkness use deception and temptation to cloud the minds of men and women. Its greatest impact is felt by the physical senses of men. Holiness can not be felt by physical senses. It exists on a level well above the one we feel in, so in order to really have it, we must surrender our attachment to everything that is physical. This is in direct conflict with everything that the principalities of darkness want you to do. And do not be deceived, there are consequences for this type of choice. You will feel them when you attempt to make it. But they will pass if you persist and endure. Once you venture into the depths of this knowledge, nothing that you have experienced in your entire life will make any sense.


Our perspective (the collective human view) is blind compared to the truth. We have only one way available to access all of what is true, Christ. The principalities of darkness have introduced other options that have been accepted by many as sources of truth. These souls will sadly learn the error of their decision when it is too late to change it. Time is coming to an end for all of us.


I am hooked on Holiness for several reasons. One; the view it has provided me is infinite. Two; I feel less and less connected to my physical being and more and more connected to my spiritual being. Three; I prefer the comfort of peace over the comfort of rest. There are more, but I already know that those three are well over your head.


If you think you might have the courage to consider Holiness deeply for yourself, and you want encouragement along your journey, please feel free to contact me. I am well over fifty years old; I’ve led mostly a sinful life. My testimony is true, God and Christ as my witnesses. Salvation is in a relationship with Christ, it is God’s grace available to all of mankind. God loves you more than you even have a clue (John 3:16). Don’t just hand your soul over to the principalities of darkness, you will never ever get it back,     

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