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EXOTICEYES's blog: "holiday's"

created on 12/26/2006  |  http://fubar.com/holiday-s/b37921
it's funny how people are at the Holidays I am reminded how lucky I am to do it the way we do you see instead of turkey/ham etc with trimmings we have something that is a little of everyone's favorite and kids help in the kitchen because they want too ..we make a mess but it's ok we laugh so hard we cry because someone always ends up coated in flour or green suger sprinkles end up on a cookie rudolph's nose we take the time off to spend fun time with each other and we have did all this before opening all the gifts when the gifts were opened it wasnt about how much we spent or where we bought it was about the idea of someone was thoughtful enough to remember something you looked at and liked 6 months ago at a discount place or the idea my daughter spent christmas money someone gave her and bought a mom and daughter necklace ,and my sons racing remote control cars around the living room pretending its a race track some people that we know don't have this time ,this closeness but will tell you they bought what they could with X amount of dollars which is more than than my entire family spent but you know all the money wont buy the kind of happiness we have to the person that said it if you do read this........... next year try this try gather kids,sister brother etc up no matter how well or not so well you get along cook some cookies cut them out play a game called mad libs with korky phrases ,laugh alot, and shut the f--- up about the amount of money anything else cost you cant take it with you but your memories and familes memories will last generations
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