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People who used to be seen as 'individuals'.

Now that what made them 'cool' before is seen as the norm now.

And they are doing anything they can to part themselves and to be 'individual' again.

Meh...clinging on to what some perceive as...hrmmm 'individualness'?

Kinda seems a bit childish and desperate to me.


I dislike 'sheep'...the term so commonly used. But yea 'weak' minded people are kinda annoying and uninteresting for the most part.

But I also dislike people who try to be individual. Trying to be an individual is like another one of those sayings: 'F**cking for virginity' or 'Fighting for peace' or something.


Christ sakes people, just go with the flow and whatever you think is fun.

People who NEED cool creds in whatever way they can get are just...ugh get over yourself.

Yea obviously I'm not perfect but I would never claim to be either (not seriously anyway).

Even as self centred as I am, even I know that what I think is not always right, it's my opinion.

To me, having an opinion is just that.

I won't try to, or will try not to, preach to people about it. I want my opinion appreciated and understood but I wouldn't try and force someone to change their mind to suit mine.

People who make snide comments anywhere and everywhere they can are mad at something, if you're angry then admit it. Quit trying to be all 'cool' about it and that you don't 'care'.

Have a backbone, part of being 'cool' and 'individual' is being honest, honest about things that are good and bad about you. I've lowered myself before to petty disputes and I can recognise it but people who are adamant that they haven't are people who have just lowered themselves even more.

Anywho...yea just random ramblings.

(Ya ya I know this is full of syntax and incorrect sentence structure and grammar...bite me...yes YOU...you know who I am talking about)

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