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shoulda never gotten my hopes up about the condo being sold. i've learned my lesson now. My weddings being put off again now. will i ever really get married the way i want to? i wish i had something nice to think about today like my wedding, but i dont. i'm having such a bad day and it seems to only be getting worse and worse. i even cried this morning at work and almost quit. I said "f this place, i'm gonna go work at mcdonalds". ment it too. the hypocritical bullshit i deal with is too much to handle sometimes. and the negativity that runs deep in this office is sickening. to this person: the antidepressants are NOT helping you and you need a different prescription and to get a better outlook on life. its bringing us all down. i hate hate hate working in such a negative environment. i try my HARDEST to be as positive about everything as i can and sometimes its just not enough and i need my friends to remind me that hey, its not so bad. and they do. i have the worlds best friends and i love and cherish them all so dearly. they came through for me today. ok rant over. i can feel the tears welling up again and i swore i'd be stronger than this. i will NOT let him get to me like this. i will NOT sink to his level and i WILL be positive! xoxo juicebox
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