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Snugs's blog: "hmmm? not sure"

created on 06/16/2007  |
Alrighty then, since I don't write much just naming it an update, if I write more, I will individualize them.. Been gone from here a long time, couldn't believe when I looked at when I joined it has been over 2 years, holy friggen smokes (batman) life is strange, but since we are strange we really fit in.. and I thank all those who have stopped by just for a quick rating or comment.. Blessed BE you all.. Snugs
Merry Meet, Hey those that will read this.. just got married on the 8th to a wonderful man... did it the courthouse way.. we are a strange mixture cpl.. but with so much in common.. we love to get freaky.. in the bedroom... we are on the fringes of the swinging life.. voyeurism type... we love to watch and/or be observed... neither of us is camera shy.. lol.. My friend gldkt (not real name)brought me to this site from another and I really appreciate her for it.. I don't know much about it.. and not on the puter much.. Hey got to have some time for us... I hope to be able to spend more when he is not using the good puter.. he is a computer consultant and we hope to have our own business up and running soon... life is good.. if you want it.. i am happy.. and thankfully so is he.. Blessed Be all... Merry Part.. Snugs
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