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Magento is a website design application specifically used to make e-commerce sites and portals. It is mainly programmed with PHP and runs on the Zend Framework which is an open source, object-oriented web application framework. Magento can be used to create simple e-stores and yet it is powerful enough to launch a fully-featured e-commerce portal. It is open source technology and free to download and install the basic version. This makes it highly adaptable and stable. Its popularity is in the e-commerce industry where it is scalable to create large scale e-commerce websites. More than 20000 businesses have chosen Hire Magento Developer their e-stores.

Magento comes with many free templates, add-ons and extensions that enables it to be modified to look professional and unique. It is also mobile and SEO friendly.

Although Magento is a very powerful tool, it is also quite difficult to master it. It requires an expert programmer fluent in PHP programming language to customize it. Even though it is difficult to program, it is worth it at the end. In the hands of a professional Magento developers it can be customized to the extent that it is not recognizable from the original template. Magento is so scalable that it can be expanded from a small online store of 10 customers to handling millions of customers logged in at the same time.

If you intend to start an online business, it is highly advisable to hire a Magento web developers to get the site built to your satisfaction. A Magento website developer can help you with your project. However because Magento is difficult to program, you can expect to shell out a fair amount of money to hire a developer. One way to get around with the high costs of Magento development is to outsource the project to an Indian Magento web design company. This has several advantages. Not only will the total cost of developing your site come down by a tenth of the cost in the west, they also provide SEO work, digital marketing, mobile customization and an amazingly good customer support. Most, if not all of their staffs are computer engineering graduates and their customer support team speaks fluent English. It is better to partner with an Indian web developer because they can act as a longtime partner and one point source for total web design. This includes creating original graphics, logo, web coding, online promotions etc.

Magento is used by large companies like Samsung and Harvey Nichols for their web stores.

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