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BEK Lamboodle TentysKTN SC7's blog: "him"

created on 04/16/2008  |  http://fubar.com/him/b207717

 Someone Special 

She's the one I wanna be with 
The one I want to curl up against at night 
To put my hand in hers so she knows I'm there 
Make all her fears and worries disappear 

Just a few reasons of why she's great 

Everyday we sit and chat 
We talk and talk and talk some more 
I love to sit up all through the night 
Shoot the breeze or just hear her breathe 

If only I could hold her in my arms 
Hold her hand, kiss her check & make her feel safe 
Make all the darkness go away 
Fight all her demons and make them pay 

I trust her completely 
My secrets she keeps 
My friend forever 
She'll always be there 

To be by her side through thick and thin 
No matter what I've got her back 
Lend a hand or just an ear 
She has but to ask… 

I'll be there


I sit here trying to write
but all I seem to do is cry
I want to tell you what it is I feel
But I dont think that would do any good

You used to be my knight
and now I see the tarnish that was made by a lie
I have done nothing but be real
But what good that did

I loved you with every ounce of me
I stood by you through fire and ice
Yet you were never there for me when I needed you most
You said you loved me for what I am

But that came with a fee
Being with you came with a heavy price
And I dont think I can pay that cost
And for me I now condemn

These tears flow from my eyes

As I say my goodbyes

I forgot how it feels to cry from hurt

Maybe Im just being curt?

But this is how I feel

You made this real

Let you in and you stabbed me straight through the heart

Yes we are seperated by distance but this stunt tore me apart

I feel destroyed

And yet again there is that stupid whole in my heart

Maybe this was all ,to you, a game

Maybe Im just another stupid dame

You tell me

Wait! How will I know its not another false guarantee?



Sitting here watching you on the screen Which has become our deadly routine We put on the front of being serene Leaving the true heartache to be unseen We fight back the pain The anger and the strain I have gone insane And the days have become mundane I cry all day and all night I cling to the little pieces of you with all my might There is no doubt in my mind that you are my light And that you are also my knight But the distance ha become a nuisance I just want you in my arms To protect you from all harms But Im scared of the kill The distance that has caused such ill-will But I promise you this...I am yours...still


Sitting here looking at you I realize that I could never be blue For you would never allow me to hurt And that Id never feel like dirt Thinking of all that we have done and it is my heart that you have won I trust in you And I wish you knew Exactly how I feel
~not really that great of one but eh Im in a ugh mood and all...:( At night I find so hard to sleep Cause all I can do is think of you My feelings for you run deep Please know that they are true Will you catch me if I leap And bare to you my soul Or is what I think you feel untrue and your playing me like a fool I give to you all of the control So please dont be cruel Love me as a whole And dont play the games from grade school
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9 years ago
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