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Well the contest is over and since many were so concerned about who was doing what to win the Happy Hour none of you will get it. I will give fubar gifts to any who entered the contest that feel they deserve something so please contact me if you would like to know more. I should have canceled the contest when the drama and complaining first got started. Its not like the points and seven pics is worth a HH when most are complaining about everything. No matter what I tried to do people were upset. My last contest had drama but not like this. I try to come up with fun ways to give stuff away and I have done a lot for many people on this site. Everything from blasts bling paks and tickers and VIP I have bought for people. Everyone always wants more its never enough. I am sorry I didn't put enough though into this contest to see what people would come up with. Giveaways are much better because there is no competition that way so I have learned that much. Anyone who has beef with me let me know, contact me with questions comments or whatever you wanna say. I tried to do the right thing and make people happy the whole way. So anyways, people who entered the contest and who left comments thank you so very much for all you did. Those who would like to be rewarded for their contest pic please contact me so we can discuss that further. Once again I appologize for the sad way this contest went its too bad really.
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