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ok once again this is not my religion but i find christianity has some good stories. so once again i took one and maybe gave it a little personal artistic changes...but what ever...you like it great...you don't oh well....you want to hate me for it well then you are probably a narrow minded idiot so oh well. if you haven't noticed by now i really don't care who i offend with anything i say or do anymore...accept it or don't....and i don't know why i just went on that rant but here is the reason we are all here: tale of the martyr fate has called his name for him martyrdom awaits he will carry his death throughout the streets for us he chose this to walk this gauntlet battering him with jeers wading through the tears this messanger of faith condemned for his beleifs to wipe the sweat from his brow a glorified honor to save him from his fate an unatainable dream golgotha bound, he continues struggling this path of destiny upon the hill he's raised as a banner for all to see message of punishment to all glimpse of hope to few with dying eyes he watched the sun setting into the night unworried by the death of daylight for he knows of the new dawn coming til his dying breath our salvation his only thought his blood for our souls the great sacrifice for mankind the tale of the martyr. by john m
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