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Silent Night Wing's blog: "helping"

created on 12/31/2011  |  http://fubar.com/helping/b345630

it's funny or stupid in my case that you can have so many friend's on your list that won't send you say a V.I.P. or even a bling when you say it in your status, i have had it so many time's in my status that NOT ONE PERSON that already has a V.I.P send's me one i'm thinking they aren't you're friends or they don't give a care about other people other then themself's even though yeah it's kinda begging but what can some people do IF they can't afford it,  people may say u can afford it u have the internet but how do some people if not all people think that just cause u have the internet u can buy all these thing's that really ticks me off and for me i can't afford it and also my internet is kinda free it's under somebody else's name not mine

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