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FvckingCannibal's blog: "2012"

created on 01/17/2012  |  http://fubar.com/2012/b345986

Hello 2012

So the year has started off a bit stressful...yesterday I found out my current position has been posted on Craigslist by my employer..this coming after a co-worker called me to give me a heads up..that someone was out to get rid of me..well long story short..I stressed last night, then today found some relief..I am not going anywhere for a while, they want to shift me out to a different area to better utilize me.

Well in my panic, I updated my Careerbuilder.com profile..and BLAM got 11 emails today from potential new employers back in the previous career arena :)  And in addition to the 11 emails, I received a call and await the 2nd call to set up an interview..  Maybe the Universe has plans for me.. I sure hope so, I miss being a "suit" and being financially stable..

In short a miserable hopelss night turned into a uplifting and empowering day with a renewed sense of career viability..


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