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But today I am off to Cleethorpes which is in the county of Lincolnshire of England, its a seaside resort town and I had to laugh at some of the blurb on it. Anyway my reasons for going are to meet none other than the Scarybird Immortal Ego artist Stu Smith. Its been long overdue, its been just over a year since we started working with each other virtually on the project and anyway I took a few days off work and though fuck it, he is going to get the pleasure of my company till Saturday. Cant wait to bounce around a few ideas and stuff for storyboards with him, we have had such a giggle since we been working on this project and to be honest I dont think I have ever met anyone like him. So I will be offline till Saturday, will post all about it when I get back
Went to Denmark in August for a Wiki conference that as being held in Odense. The people that i met in Chicago were going also. I was really going to see them and not bother with the conference but I had a bit of a meander round it as Ted was doing the open space bit of it. Anyway stupid old me only took one pair of sandals and they snapped at the airport when we were picking Ted up, so I managed to tape them up. That Saturday we got dragged all over Copenhagen and went to visit Christiana C which is a 32-year-old squatter commune in heart of Copenhagen that has become tourist attraction, is target of ruling Conservative Party that has vowed to rid city of self-governing social experiment where hashish is sold and smoked openly and police rarely venture for fear of being pelted; proposed law would redevelop area on 80 acres of prime waterfront, now home to 750 adults and 200 children. It was a bizzare place anyway I got blisters on me feet and went thru 4 pairs of shoes while i was there. The money was strange and I nearly got run over by cycles it was a bit of a shock to the system, its a beautiful place and well worth a visit but I was glad to get home to Scotland.
Just a bit from my travels to Chicago in July this year, didnt have blogs here then. So this was written on the Fri, 21 Jul 2006. You have to feel sorry for Ted, as the first vision he had seen of me was of one drunken loud bird who had been sick over herself on the flight from atlanta to chicago,(brings a whole new meaning to festering in your own filth hahahahahahah) well what do they expect making u wait four hours in between flights, so I sat at the bar and was the filling of a southern sandwich, inbetween a guy from alabama and a guy from memphis, i made the guy from memphis do hank hill impressions, which came quite easy to him. I blame the weather and they let me on the plane in Edinburgh, which i dont think they were going to as I have an aversion to suitcases and looking posh. Also on the flight over i seemed to have turned into Fido, as the woman who was sat next to me kept on patting me on the head, i felt like she should be throwing a stick for me to go fetch and it continued whilst i was over there, (is that an american thing?). So just got back yesterday from my darkening Chicago's doorstep and attending the open space conference. Being a miserable bitch most of the time, who is not a big fan of daylight or anything fluffy, and not fitting into the butterfly or bumble bee category, spent most of my time being a giraffe, well seeing as I have more neck than one anyway. I can honestly say that i was suprised at how much I enjoyed myself and actually found a few closet scarybirds to add to my collection. Susan Megy nearly killed me with a pizza the size of a birthday cake, I had two pieces and was so stuffed I thought i was going to burst. It was great spending time with you Susan and I cant wait for you to come to Scotland, but be warned you wont get much chance to see any daylight or touristy bits. Better reinforce your liver before coming to Edinburgh. anyway Ted Ernst, thanks for getting me there and putting up with me, I hope your jaws have stopped aching from laughing so much, would also like to say it was a pleasure to meet Mary Poppins who is formerly known as Ravi, was also great to spend some time with Brandon the process monster and also to meet Brian Kerr, had good natters with him and a special thanks goes to Mark Dilley for letting me run away with him for three days. Also Martin Rizzi, yes you are a pushy bastard but I do like you, you are probably the only person who I have met who is as cheeky as me. Was also a pleasure to meet Rich Henry, he is way too nice for his own good and Kim Edwards as well. Jean does a lot of gushing too which I knew she was fluffy but wasnt expecting the gushing bit hahahahahaha. I now realise that i have to save up some more pennies and get to see you lot more often but can you make it when its colder, being from Scotland the heat almost killed me, was looking forward to getting home and it be snowing, but no, the UK is having its own heatwave, I just wish i had a fridge to fit into. But at least there aint a herbal teabag in sight hahahahahaha
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