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Why is it that so manycheap new era   

 delicious and healthful foods have gotten such bad raps? We could blame the sensational headlines in the media or your Uncle Jack's lack of understanding about the latest scientific research study, but when it comes down to it, we've all heard some bad things about what has turned out to be some really great foods. These bad reps may be based on a one-sided story, old wives' tales or outdated research, yet many people who want to eat healthier are shying away from foods that are actually good for them! We recently told you about some "healthy" foods that are anything but, and now we're setting the record straight about some of the "unhealthy" foods that are actually good for you! How many are you avoiding?


The low-carb fads of the late '90s still linger today, and many people still believe that white potatoes should be avoided at all costs. The potato can be a great sourcenew era outlet  

 of carbohydrates and nutrients, including vitamins C, B-6, and folate and fiber (4 grams when you eat the skin). The key is to eat the right portion size and rethink your add-ons (and cooking method). Some large potatoes are almost the size of a football, so be sure to cut those in half or even thirds. To enjoy your potatoes in a healthy way, cut them into 1-inch thick slices, season with garlic, herbs and pepper and bake in the oven until soft and golden brown. Low-carb diets are OVER! Find out why.

Canned Vegetables

Canned veggies have earned an undeserved reputation. Yes, many types are high in sodium, but don't discount them completely. You can purchase low sodium varieties and/or rinse your canned veggies in a colander before your meal to remove much of the excess sodium. And most nutrition experts agree that the vitamin and mineral content of fresh, canned and even frozen veggies are all about the same--not less nutritious as once thought. Canned vegetables are inexpensive, easy, and a great fallback when you haven't been able to restock your kitchen with the fresh stuff.

Red Meat

Buy the right kind of red meat, and you're on your way to a meal packed with protein, iron, vitamin B-12, and zinc. Not all red meats make healthful choices (beef brisket, for example has 16 grams of fat per 3-ounce serving), but some varieties, like extra lean ground sirloin, which is 96% fat-free, contain just 4.5 grams of fat for a serving of the same size. Read food labelsnew era hats  

 to ensure you choose lean cuts, such as eye of round (top round), top sirloin, bottom round, tenderloin and flank steak. Research has also shown that grass-fed beef is lower in saturated fat and higher in Omega-3's than traditional beef.

Spread mashed avocado on toast in place of butter.

Avocados have taken the brunt of the criticism for the fruit and veggie world. Perhaps you, too, have overheard folks saying that avocados are bad for you, when in fact, the opposite is true. They received their bad reputation due to their relatively high fat content, but the often-ignored fact is that these fruits are full of heart-healthy, monounsaturated fat. Two tablespoons of avocado has just 50 calories and 4.5 grams of fat, 4 grams of which are unsaturated.  wholesale new era

 Comparing this to the 204 calories and 23 grams of fat in the same amount of salted butter puts it into perspective. Avocados also carry 20 different vitamins along with plenty of lutein for your healthy vision. So go ahead! Spread some on your sandwich, place some chunks on your grilled fish, or throw a couple slices onto a green salad.

Grill, broil, or bake shrimp to keep this protein lean.


Another healthy protein source is shrimp. With a reputation as a "high cholesterol" food that is deep-fried more often than not, it's easy to see why people want to avoid it. But eating foods high in cholesterol is just one of many factors that affect your cholesterol levels. Four ounces of shrimp has just 165 milligrams of cholesterol, but also packs 18 grams of protein and a single gram of fat. When you enjoy a high-fiber breakfast and a meatless lunch, you should be able to fit shrimp into your diet and still come under your daily limit of 300 milligrams of cholesterol per day. It's great in stir-fries, pasta and straight off the grill, but avoids deep-fried shrimp to keep this choice a healthful one.


Most celebs would exercise like crazy and crash diet before a big magazine photo shoot, but not pregnant Jessica Simpson — she gladly gave in to her sweet tooth prior to posing nude for the cover of Elle. "I ate cheesecake before longchamp handbags we shot," the 170-pound fashion mogul proudly boasts to USA Today. And although baring it all for millions to see would typically make the bashful Simpson, 31, turn red, she says she "wasn't nervous at all" for this special photo shoot, which was witnessed by only the photographer, her fiance Eric Johnson, her publicist, and a couple of her best friends. "Normally, I'm so shy," she notes. "I'm not the person longchamp sale you see photographed in a bikini on a beach. For some reason, being pregnant, it's so easy for me. I feel so comfortable in my skin … It's just really a celebratory moment for me. I'm glad people are reacting positively [to the cover]."


And it's a moment she's relishing as she anxiously awaits meeting her daughter for the first time. Simpson says she's not afraid at all — even though her doctor tells her Baby Girl Johnson will likely weigh in at a whopping longchamp bags 10 pounds. "I figure if all these women all around the world can do it, I can do it," she says. "[The baby] is in the 90th percentile of weight right now, so she's a big un. She's going to be longchamp outlet a very big baby, but I guess that's what I get for letting a baller knock me up," jokes Simpson.


When she does give birth, she will have a lot of helping hands at home, including her sister Ashlee's 3-year-old son, Bronx Mowgli. Not only does the blond cutie (dad is former Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz) chat with his little cheap longchamp unborn cousin all time, he's already set aside his old toys for her. "It really makes your heart melt," gushes Simpson. "Yesterday, he said he was going to teach her how to crawl and then how to walk. 'OK, you can do that, Bronx.' It's so cute."


As if having his team's NCAA tournament hopes jeopardized by Monday's crushing loss to VCU weren't bad enough for cheap beats by dre Drexel's Daryl McCoy, the junior forward also had to endure a memorable wardrobe malfunction.


TV cameras caught McCoy with his pants down with about seven minutes left in the first half of VCU's 59-56 win in the CAA title game. When VCU freshman Treveon Graham lost his balance after being fouled on monster beats the way to the rim, he steadied himself on McCoy and somehow tugged his shorts down to his ankles in the process.


"Mr. McCoy has a wardrobe malfunction," ESPN play-by-play announcer Carter Blackburn joked. "Cover your eyes, kids."


It's tempting to say that Drexel was also exposed Monday night, but that could not be further from the truth. The Dragons, winners of 19 straight prior to Monday, took VCU to the wire in a venue that might as well dr dre beats have been the Rams' home court, battling back from a 14-point deficit only to fall when Frantz Massenat's attempt at a game-tying three just before the buzzer missed the mark.


Drexel's fate is now in the hands of the selection committee, never a spot you want to be in.

Will the Dragons' gaudy 27-6 record beats by dre and outright CAA title outweigh its meager strength of schedule and lack of quality wins outside its league? It won't be until Selection Sunday that we know for sure.


Justin Bieber officially turned 18 on Thursday and made sure to celebrate his big milestone right at a bash with all of his closest A-list pals.


Surprised with a Friday cheap new era night party at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel put on by his manager Scooter Braun, his mom Patti Mallette and publicist Melissa Victor, Bieber spent the night with celebs including girlfriend Selena Gomez (who flew in from filming Spring Breakers in Florida), Kim Kardashian, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Mike Tyson and others.


"Everyone danced all night," a partygoer told new era hats Us Weekly of the fete, also attended by Ashley Tisdale and Cody Simpson.


Dressed to the nines in a black wholesale new era and white suit, the man of the hour mingled with his grandparents and other friends who flew in from Canada for the occasion, but largely stuck by Gomez's side.


"He was all over Selena the whole time, walking her around by the hand. He kept kissing her," a source close to the pop star new era outlet tells Us of his birthday PDA with Gomez, 19. "It's clear she was the best part of the night for him. He is still so in love with her."


In addition to his friends-and-family bash, Bieber also scored a one-of-a-kind Fisker Karma eco-friendly sportscar as a gift from Braun, with a reported pricetag of $102,000.

Tween heartthrob Justin Bieber got a rather unwanted present as he turned 18 earlier this week: A new lawsuit. And this one's even weirder than last year's paternity claim. The makers of the Joustin' Beaver game for Android phones have filed a lawsuit against the pop star in a preemptive move to Monster beats dr dre headphones official site ensure their game can be sold, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The game features a Beaver (who just so happens to look a lot like Bieber) floating down a river on a log. His task is to knock "Phot-Hogs" (who are trying to take his picture) into the river with a lance and cheap beats dr dre lady gaga beats sign "Otter-graphs" for his fans. The lawsuit notes the water animal also has to dodge the whirlpool of success, which spins the Beav out of control. Clearly, it's satire, but Bieber's attorneys aren't laughing. Two weeks ago, they sent a cease and desist letter to the developer, threatening to take them to court if the game wasn't squashed. Instead, that developer, RC3, beat them beats by dre studio to the punch after negotiations went nowhere. It's hoping a judge will rule that the First Amendment protects the game as a parody. If that Constitutional argument sounds somewhat familiar, it's because it's similar to the one Electronic Arts is using in its preemptory suit against Bell Helicopters in a dispute over the use of specific choppers in Battlefield 3. Expect the Bieber camp to argue that the similarity of the rodent's appearance to the singer could be misconstrued by his fans (um, Bieber's, not the Beaver's) as an endorsement of the game, and that the solo on sale developers are exploiting his fame to make a profit for themselves. That's all well and good, but we think there's another party who might have a stake in this. Unfortunately, Jerry Mathers has not yet weighed in on the Bieber/Beaver situation.

Katie Holmes received high marks for her polished look at the Vanity Fair Oscar party the other night, beautiful in a sleek blue Elie Saab gown, her husband Tom Cruise on her arm, and a fringe of brown bangs over her forehead with her long locks pulled back in a ponytail. But the look didn't last.


Just days after the Monster beats dr dre headphones official site Oscars, the 33-year-old was seen in casual dress at a dance class, and the bangs were gone. Her hair -— all of it -— was pulled back from her crown in a topknot —- with a bare forehead and no more fringe.


The magic behind the two looks: possibly a clip-in hairpiece to give her bangs for the night. Celebrity hairstylist Billy Lowe -- who did not work on Katie's hair -- said a clip-in fringe could be the answer. Lowe solo on sale noted, "It does seem like her natural hair is longer in the front than what she appeared to have for Oscar night so it's possible she used a clip-in or hair piece for her fringe area for Hollywood's big night."


Lowe said Holmes's hairstylist Andy LeCompte is known to be "very creative when it comes to red carpet looks," and added that while clip-in hairpieces aren't as popular as all-over extensions, they are cheap beats dr dre lady gaga beats "quick and easy to apply" with no glue necessary.


As InStyle pointed out, the actress had bangs and a bob in 2008, and then spent years growing them out. The hairpiece is beats by dre studio the perfect compromise: bangs for a day without the wait or pain of an awkward hairdo. Perhaps the "Jack and Jill" star is trying out a new look but isn't ready to commit.


If Holmes did try out a hairpiece, she wouldn't be the first celeb to do so. Kim Kardashian recently rocked a Cleopatra-style fringe for New Year's Eve thanks to temporary bangs.


In these tough economic times, it's crucial to find new and creative ways to earn money. One of the top ways to make some spare cash is by selling items on eBay, the world's largest online marketplace.

Before starting my venture, I searched online for the closest thrift shops to my house and then visited each cheap dr dre beats of the nearest five. When I first started this venture, I would just buy a whole bunch of random items that looked appealing, and then attempt to sell them on eBay for profit - this method obviously didn't work. One of the keys to becoming profitable was investing in a smartphone with Internet access. Once I had that, I could instantly search the completed similar items on eBay while I was still inside a thrift store deciding what items to buy.

What I discovered is that some of the best items to sell are vintage sports jerseys. Most thrift stores have dr dre headphone a section set aside for sports jerseys, and you'll likely have to dig through a pile of gently used high school and college jerseys just to find a few rare gems buried underneath.

From my experience, I found that thrift stores price "old jerseys" very low because of their slightly worn, vintage appearance. For example, I found a Champion-brand vintage Chicago Bulls jersey from a local thrift store for $2 and I was able to sell it on eBay for $35. I also found an old New York Rangers Brian Leetch jersey for $5, and I was able to flip it for a $50 profit on eBay. I made sure to search the items online on my smartphone while I was still inside the thrift store, to make sure these were items that sell for decent money on eBay.

It's not quite as simple cheap monster beats as finding a two dollar item at a thrift store and flipping it for $20 on eBay, as you have to keep in mind a variety of fees that will cut into your bottom line. When all is said and done, approximately 10-15% of your overall profit will go to eBay and Paypal fees.

You also have to remember to charge enough to cover shipping costs, and keep in mind small expenses that add up like gas money to drive to the thrift stores and the post office when you ship your items out. Packaging costs such as tape, boxes and envelopes, is another key consideration for mapping out your expenses.

Once you have the items that you want to sell, there's a few things you can do to make them more appealing online. One of the things I did was to offer free shipping on my items, because eBay boosts dre headphone you up in the search results when a seller does that. Since I was mostly selling vintage sports jerseys, the shipping on these items was only $3 or $4, so it was worth eating the shipping cost in order to get boosted in search results.

There's no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme that will work on eBay, as this method does take some hard work and a little research. My year-end tally was $24,000 in sales, minus $7,000 in shipping fees, $4,000 in inventory costs (items purchased from the thrift stores), and approximately $3,000 between eBay and Paypal fees - making my overall profit close to $10,000. As you can see, the shipping fees, eBay and Paypal fees, and inventory costs, were extremely significant, so you'll need to keep that in mind before getting started.


Of all the strange statistical blips that come across the national radar, few can be more odd than this: On Saturday, a high school basketball player in Minnesota scored an astounding 71 points in a game … and his team still lost.


As reported by the beats by dre studio Duluth News Tribune and a handful of other Minnesota sources, Lakeview (Minn.) Christian Academy junior standout Anders Broman scored 71 points in his team's 114-110 loss to Melrose (Minn.) High, a total that marked the second-highest single game total by an individual player in state history.


"It was a bittersweet game," Broman told the News Tribune of the loss. "I made a couple 3s to start the half, so I started solo on sale feeling it. It felt like everything I shot would go in. I love when those days happen."


How good was Broman? He shot an incredible 67 percent in the game and scored 47 of his points during his team's furious second half comeback from a 16-point halftime deficit. He hit six of his eight three-pointers in that stretch as well.


That enormous scoring outburst came after one overtime period, but no more, a stunning statistic in itself. It's not cheap beats dr dre lady gaga beats often that a team reaches 100 points after multiple overtimes, let alone both squads scoring 100 after just one extra period.


All that comes before one considers the other significant marks hit by players in the game. Broman's younger Monster beats dr dre headphones official site brother, freshman point guard Bjorn Broman, had 14 assists, most of them to his brother. The Minneapolis Star Tribune also reported that Melrose's leading scorer, Scottie Stone, set a school record with 39 points in his team's win as well.


That Broman would provide the strongest offensive push comes as no huge surprise. The junior phenom became the youngest player in Minnesota history to reach 3,000 career points earlier in the 2011-12 season, and the 6-foot-1 guard is reportedly being recruited by the likes of Virginia Tech, Northwestern and San Diego State, among other schools.


After news of his 71-point explosion gets more traction, it seems likely even more coaches may be giving Broman a ring, too.

It's no surprise that British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen showed up at the 2012 Oscars in character, as the actor is known for his public antics. While the Academy initially banned him from the awards Monster beats dr dre headphones official site show when he revealed his intentions to pull a stunt, Cohen was ultimately allowed to hit the red carpet dressed as "The Dictator" from his upcoming film of the same name. But the Academy is probably regretting that decision.


Flanked by two sexy female bodyguards, Cohen came in full dictator regalia, complete with military suit, Castro beard and Kim Jong-Il'esque sunglasses. But his most important accessory was a beats by dre studio fake gold funereal urn that is supposed to be holding the late North Korean dictator's ashes.


While being interviewed by E!'s red carpet golden boy Ryan Seacrest, Cohen began to fumble with the urn and proceeded to dump ashes all over Seacrest's suit. Cohen fumbled yet again, pouring even more ash on the visibly annoyed host. Keeping his cool, Seacrest could only reply, "I had a feeling something was coming." After interviewing Cohen, Seacrest had to explain solo on sale his Oscars outfit fiasco to his next interviewees, telling actor Antonio Banderas he the ashes are really Bisquick, and getting sympathy from "American Idol" colleague Jennifer Lopez.


For an outrageous stunt like this, Cohen is sure to be greeted with some backlash from the Academy, and perhaps cheap beats dr dre lady gaga beats from E! and Seacrest as well. For the chic, yet historically stiff event, the prank may come as a little beacon of humorous light for many viewers.



In what his campaign billed as a major economic speech, Mitt Romney sought to boost his conservative credentials by pledging "more jobs, less debt and smaller government" if he is elected president.


Criticizing President Monster beats dr dre headphones official site Barack Obama's handling of the economy, Romney said in a speech delivered from the 30-yard line of Ford Field, the home of the NFL's Detroit Lions, that he is "offering more than just a change in policy" from the current administration.


"I am offering a dramatic change in perspective and philosophy," Romney said.


The speech largely summarized and reiterated the economic message that Romney has put forward during his beats by dre studio presidential campaign. He proposed cutting individual marginal income tax rates by 20 percent; reducing the corporate tax rate to 25 percent, from 35 percent; eliminating capital gains taxes for people with incomes below $200,000; abolishing the alternative minimum tax and the estate tax; indexing the eligibility age for Medicare to longevity; allowing private insurers to compete with Medicare; eliminating the Affordable Care Act, Obama's health care law; and reducing federal spending to 20 percent of the national economy by making "hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts," including to programs like Amtrak and Planned Parenthood.


Romney received an instant avalanche of criticism on Twitter after the speech for saying of his wife's affection for American cars, "Ann drives a couple Cadillacs, actually." (A Cadillac SRX, a campaign spokesman solo on sale later confirmed. She has one at their home in California and another in Massachusetts. Mitt, for his part, owns a Ford Mustang and a Ford truck.)


He gave a special emphasis in the speech to Michigan, where his late father was once a beloved governor and where cheap beats dr dre lady gaga beats he is in a close race with Rick Santorum heading into Tuesday's primary. He said he would work to make Detroit not just the "motor city of America" but the "motor city of the world."


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