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Ok first off let me inform everyone who reads this, i have to give thanks to Tam for inspiring this off one of their blogs. See their blog talked about hatred and being mean on the internet. And how individuals say oh hey dont take the internet seriously. Well this kind of hit home with me, and inspired me to write about Hatred and War. You see if you really pay attention to those individuals who say do not take the internet seriously fail in many respects with showing any real intelegence. First they fail to recognize the internet as a form of communication, and expression. just like writing a story to Dear Abby or some news paper. However this audience is larger in most regards as readership of newspapers is falling all over the place. Infact some major news papers report having more online readers of their paper then subscribers. This tells me that the internet should be taken seriously for many reasons. One is News, Two is Discimination of information, and the ability to aquire it easily and in most cases freely. People do not seem to relise the power of the internet. They say do not take it seriously yet they are the same ones who will pull up a youtube video thats defenitly bogus and make beleive and pass it off as real and true. Why? because it backs up their belief whatever it may be. And since i am going to bring war into it. The best example is the supposed video showing a explosion after the trade towers were hit. Well what i have to wonder is how gullable these believers are?! I mean come on, the guy who originally posted it, did not give you any information about him to prove that his video was real, and he did not edit it. He said nothing to show you that he was not a computer geek who put that footage together on his own, not to mention i have seen many other videos of approximatly the same angle and no explosion in them. Now lets think about this a second say the video was real. Well wouldnt it be safe to assume that high pressure tanks of jet fuel could EXPLODE? oh no wait that only happens if they crash on a landing strip i forgot. Well back onto the main topic, Hatred. Why do people come on the internet and show hatred to others? I have no idea, and i can not even begin to fathom it. However what it makes me believe is this. Either they are like this normally, except when at work as it would get them fired, or they have found that being mean is easier then being nice. then i have to wonder, are these the same people who think the war in iraq is bad and we should get out? More then likely i bet they are. See they beleive the internet is a place to be a total ass to anyone you want. But they also believe that the world and terrorism will just stop if you ignore it. Just like shutting their pc off when someone is mean to them. OFF and no more. Well they should wake up and relise that war has been around longer then most religions. And war will always be there. However being mean on the internet at some point could get you fired. There are some companys who want you to be professional even when not at work because you represent them. And who knows maybe your boss might hop onto a site like this, just as you do, for soemthing new and fun. And they might recognize your image and have a talk with you at work the next day for your manors online. See these individuals fail to relise the internet is part of the world these days. Its in everything, our homes, work, cell phones and so on. Its in the schools, on airplanes, its everywhere. Probably why they called it the World Wide Web. So why do people show hatred on the net? I have no idea, but if you pay attention these are most times the same individuals who (and im talking about those who give one line hatred like your gay ect, not those with facts to back them up) act like asses on the internet are also the ones who want everything handed to them. They want free this free that, they want higher pay for low pay work, they are greedy. And they are also the same ones who hop up and down and say the war should end. They fail to relise that the war must be fought there or it will be fought here. And they also fail to relise that the internet is no diffrent then a phone call. Someone is on the other end, and someone has feelings. I Guess they just don't understand and want to flaunt their ignorance and hatred for all on the internet for all to see. I mean come on its not real here, so why should they act real and real nice at that.. For those who think the internet is to not be taken seriously. Think about this the next time you see a story on the internet, or a video from a news station. Watch it, listen to it, then say This is the internet they are not serious..... Bet you wont...
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