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After reading people's comments from Scrapper's mumm in regards to comment approvals, I agree with Scrapper's views. Mumms weren't intended for haters to bring in their hatred remarks and bash ppl. For that, they can go to another site. There is a HUGE difference when it comes to commenting on ppl's mumms and you're spewing hateful and derogatory remarks that are completely insensitive and heartless and the other would be when you're actually giving constructive criticism towards the person who created the mumm. Some people are missing the point here. It's not that you're not allowed to speak your mind, and give out your opinions, IT'S HOW YOU EXPRESS YOURSELF. It's not that ppl don't want to hear "the truth" or in some cases, what YOU believe is the truth, because let's face it, everyone is different and have different views, beliefs and opinions, and yes, everyone has a right to share those differences. Again, it all boils down to HOW YOU EXPRESS YOURSELF. Think about these statements: "IT'S NOT WHAT WE SAY, BUT HOW WE SAY IT" "TREAT OTHERS HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED" Don't you think that when you "attack" the person who's created the mumm, they're not going to become defensive and hurt? Of course they will. Some may hide it and "laugh it off", but deep down it affects them in a way, to a certain degree. Unless of course the person who created the mumm purposely created a ridiculous mumm and knows he will get "bashed". Everyone is different and it is disrespectful and heartless for anyone to degrade others and be so hateful towards people. Has everyone lost their scruples? What has this world come to? You think it's ok to be hateful towards others? You think that's being "cool"? Why do you have to be a follower? If you know it's wrong, don't do it! Just because you see people being hateful, it doesn't make it "ok" or "cool" to join in on the "hating wagon". It doesn't make you likable in any way. It shows how weak you are, that you are easily influenced and manipulated. It's called "peer pressure". I hear people tell others, "Oh, quit being a whiner, we're just having fun. Don't take it so serious, it's just the internet!". You know what? It's not funny when you're telling someone to go screw some family member. Or telling them to kill themselves and jump off a cliff. Especially when the person who created the mumm, is really looking for advice. People who DO create REAL mumms. Those who DO follow Fubar's rules. The internet is just not the internet anymore. These are real people who go online for different reasons and are sitting behind a computer and still have feelings. The genuine ones of course. You have all types of people who go on the internet who are either looking to make new friends, find love, pass the time, who are bored, and unfortunately bullies and hateful people who have nothing better to do that go around ruining people's lives by either hacking into their computers, destroy people's files and/or bring people down with their hateful ways. I've just touched up on some of the basic types of people that go on the internet. I'm sure there are many more. Just like in real life, some if not most people bring their internet lives into their real lives. The best example of this is when they meet good friends they've made online and exchange phone numbers and meet and end up becoming lifelong friends. And of course those who find love. The internet is becoming very "real" nowadays. It's not just the "internet" anymore. The "internet" will follow you wherever you go. There are so many sites out there and you will end up getting a reputation in the internet world. So if you're a jackass, people that recognize you in any other site, will remember you as a jackass. If you're nice and good hearted, that's how you will be remembered. Everyone is entitled to put whatever kind of material they want online on their pages. What they don't realize how this will be an impact to them in their real life. Say you put up naked pictures of yourself, or any kind of sexual explicit material on your page, and somebody that knows you and recognizes you from real life comes across your page. Let's say it's your boss, or some corporate head that knows you in real life. How do you think that's going to make you look? How their views of you will and may change about you. It may or may not bring conflict into your life. What if it's a family member? Somebody, anybody that you don't want them to know what you're doing. Who knows, maybe you just don't care how it makes you look or what people will say about you in the real world. So for all the haters and bashers out there, think before you "type". I'm sure Fubar doesn't want to get a bad reputation for having the most haters known in the internet world of websites. There will always be haters in the internet, just like in real life. But i've seen it more on here than any other site that i've visited. I really like Fubar and it can be a fun place to hang out in. Everyone needs to stop being so negative and hateful, because Fubar may very well take away ALL comment privileges in the mumm section and everyone will then only be able to vote and NOT be able to comment anymore, just to control the haters that make it such a bad experience for those who are truly wanting to have good fun and create real mumms with real stories. There are other ways to have fun and be witty and funny without having to resort to hateful, insensitive, degrading, heartless comments. Let's all try to make it a good and truly fun environment for all! There is already enough hate going around in this world. We don't need to add more to the hate! Erase the Hate! Let's all enjoy our time here at Fubar! Now drink up and have fun! *Cheers*
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