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Sandy's blog: "FOR FRIENDS AND FANS"

created on 06/06/2007  |  http://fubar.com/for-friends-and-fans/b89237  |  1 followers

another year has come and gone
many things have changed,
some friends have come and gone
some have found the love of their life
some have lost that someone special
the news hasnt changed since 9/11
cops have gotten shot, lives lost because
it seems like no one really cares anymore
Hope the New Year 2010 brings better
than the past year has.  that this new year
people can love one another. be kind to one
another. show each other that even though
times are hard. that we all still can make it
just as those that have passed before us did.
it was hard a 100 years ago.. but we all strive
to survive and we always do. so today Give someone
a hug or even a smile.. say something nice to one of your fubar friends or make new friends.. show each other that someone does care.

Have a great New Year!

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