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The Baddest MILF's blog: "Happy Hour!!!"

created on 04/17/2008  |  http://fubar.com/happy-hour/b208069
PINK STARS PINK STARS This sexy lady is having her FIRST Happy Hour Sunday, 8:00 p.m. PST (11:00p.m. EST) so lets show her how we do it on the FU by making it her BEST! Save your 11's and BLING because this lady is gonna need it ALL! RATE, RATE, RATE her like crazy...And I'm talking HARD...give her all you guys have AND if you don't have her on your list, ADD and FAN her, you don't wanna miss out! ★ NaughtyBuglady ☆ Owned by Mikey ★ DSC ★ Dylons' Divas ☆ Fu Luv Bom

@ fubar Bulletin coded by... The Baddest MILF®~ Wifey to Fornicates™

@ fubar
Its about that time again peeps, and YES they are doing it BIG this time! If one wasnt enough, we have 4, yes I said 4 back to back Happy Hours by Fubar's FINEST! Don't think it gets any better than this? Well check this out... We have †ŦrÃŽck¥ÐïČk† who is hosting his Happy Hour Tuesday at 4.pm. (PST). We need him to GODFATHER so go show him all that FU-LOVE and RATE, RATE, RATE! I think we can get this done peeps, so LETS DO IT! †ŦrÃŽck¥ÐïČk†~FÕÜnðËr Ã’F ß.H. ß*õWÑêÐ ߥ RØnÃ…lÐÅnThØnŸ74

@ fubar And of course we have the one you all know and luv, Chuckiiboo! He is a Prophet but I think he would look sooo good as ORACLE so lets hit him hard too! His Happy Hours are Tuesday at 2:00, 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. (PST) **Çhµckîîbºº**

@ fubar Now come on, don't miss out on your chanceto love all this SEXY long time! 4 hours is more than enough time andbelieve me, these two can hang :D PLEASE REPOST!

Custom bully made by The Baddest M.I.L.F.® The Baddest MILF®

@ fubar
red guitar Oh watch out Fubar! The ONE and ONLY Boy Russ is having his Happy Hour Saturday 9 a.m. PST! He is one of the COOLEST peeps on here and ALWAYS brings the FUNK, so show him some of that SEXY FU love we all know and HOOK HIM UP with all you got! He deserves ALL that and then SOME!!! boy russ

@ fubar PLEASE REPOST!!! red guitar This has been another MILF production :-) The Baddest MILF® ~Chuckiiboo's MILFII POO

@ fubar
colorful hearts background Look who's having a Happy Hour! Yes, you guessed it, Mrs. S will be yours for a hour Thurs @ 11a.m. PST! Since this is her FIRST time lets show her how we do it on the FU! RATE, FAN, ADD, and SPANK this HOTTIE! I PROMISE you WILL NOT be disappointed :D Mrs.S

@ fubar PLEASE REPOST!!! hearts This has been another MILF production :-) The Baddest MILF® ~Chuckiiboo's MILFII POO

@ fubar
My very FIRST Happy Hour is coming up! Thats right, me, The Baddest MILF we'll be at the top of your screen for a whole hour( I know you guys want longer but hey LOL) on Monday, 10 a.m. PST (1:00 p.m. EST). Since this is my first time and first times are always supposed to be memorable (hehehe) I would appreciate if everyone would come by and show me lots of luv! No worries, I LUV BACK :D MY THING im real pink heartsx3 glamorous The Baddest MILF®

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