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When I think back, Josh died in February 2003. He was a few months shy of his 21st Birthday. 

I was reminded today when I took a quick glance on my Facebook account to see what my family was up to. I noticed my cousin, Josh's mother, had made a post in honor of his birthday. The boy would have been 28 years old today...

Josh was a real special kid. From the first time he could walk and talk, you could tell something was different about him. Josh had bright blond hair, big blue eyes and a raspy voice. He was full of life...without a care in the world. As the year progressed, Josh had shown a wonderful personality and sense of humor. After his younger brother Jacob had been born, he had convinced me that the new baby's name was Adam. 

As he grew up, he would come over to our house and after church he would wake my older sister up after she had worked late into the night waitressing. It was like clockwork. There would be a big bang..the blond boy would run by..and following would be my older sister screaming. The other siblings and cousins would get such a chuckle from it...Years later, she asked Josh to be her ring bearer in her wedding....

Through his pre teens and teenage years, Josh began to show his artistic side. he was in a band and had a lot of potential. He was also very athletic. When he went for a physical when he was 15, he had a muscle spasm....little did we know at the time it was the begining of his Hodgekins Lymphoma.

He battled for years...stem cell transplants, radiation, chemotherapy etc. What a class act. He maintained all of us and fought this battle into remission. He remained an artist all the way through. After 5 years, it returned. Josh fought hard but in the end, it beat him. 

During the last part of his fight, he helped so many other children suffering by his strength. I love and miss him.

Rest in Peace Josh Geier

And Happy 28th Birthday





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