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mic's blog: "had you known"

created on 08/28/2007  |  http://fubar.com/had-you-known/b121596

I'm not a romantic; you say it seems; Let me tell you a little about me; I ride center line on my Harley Queen; chase the sun down through Heaven's gleam; I wear my hair out long, my face grown mean; Cowhide boots and boot cut jeans; Don two layers of leather in any type of weather; My chains weigh me down but they keep me together; So now you tell me what romantic means; I'd ride to Hell and back just to keep my dreams

Had you known - That i would have held on; No matter how far away. Would you have given me - the chance to take your breath away...

Nevermind, It's too late

Time and time again I've seen - You be this little Drama Queen - It's trust you must conceive for us to be

~ Or I'll make your dreams come true... and I'll leave ~

Teardrops fall from the greenest leaves; Tempers flare - Emotions bleed. But every rose still grows - in the light of sorrow. Think what you will there's just one chance - one life to live; with one last stand - and no one's sure. Don't save it for tomorrow

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