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gothgirlpunk's blog: "guys"

created on 11/04/2006  |  http://fubar.com/guys/b21084
i guess when guys say love they really means i would love to fuck you when they say hate i hate you put a bag over the head but i will fuck you and then you have the guys that mean love and then you are like wtf do you have balls your spouse to think with your penis but no they dont i swear some times i should be gay and i prouble under stand when a girl says no when u r trying to do shit they mean no when a guy says no that mean no but plz keep going dont make it stop then when they are sorry they did it they are sorry cuz they think its what woman want to here guys would say sorry for the oddest thing tho my dad said sorry to my mom for getting paint on her shoe but when she got smaked by an oops he would sit and laught guys should talk about what they mean instead of boliting up inside and shit like that but that my thing but any way i am going typers crapm haha bye
i think guys pms more then woman do they are like lets go then no to places what ever just to tell you guys the woman are the one that are incarge you dont do thing right u dont get any thing right right so to you guys have gf and or wifes pull your head out of your ass and listen to your woman and you get alot more action
I want to know one thing why are the good look guys that ass wholes and the ugly ass guys are the nice one wtf is wrong here why cant you get every thing I think I am going to give up trying to get a boy friend I love it as well how the one that say they are great a sex are the ones that you find out by their gf they suck in bed but they are just as a good boy friend that it they are like don’t get them in the bed then you have the ones that are good that you shock cuz they are the type that you have to make talk to a girl cuz they are scared of them its so odd Like can one of you guys tell me this I don’t get it some times why do you guy have to be odd I swear some times you guys pms more then I do you like yes no yes no I don’t know if have of you like girls or don’t some of you are to shy and some of you are to friendly Well if you think you are a good bf or will make one leave me a mess so I know what you think whats good about you cuz I want to know if you think this is true or not what I am saying thanks bye
hey any one and every one that reads this jan 27 i need help i am going to a wedding jan 27 can some one help me out i need to have a date or a friend come with me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz xoxo Danielle
i lost my bf now he is my x and and i lost one in iraq when i was preg and ya why are there with guys there life death and sex but the problem i have is the whole death part when some one dies you are losing your best friend your hero your partner i give my heart out to the people in iraq dieing every day and there family i would do anything for my life to be there so i know what going how they think how they feel if they feel or if they eer need some one to talk to i am always around to the point if you send me in the army came back with a metal and know nation wide still no one will be with me i love the guys that are sweet and caring the ones if you dont see them for a long time when you finlly see them they scoop you up in there arms just kissing you crying with tears i wish more guys could say being a man is meaning you do cry well me busting out soon bye
i am dating a virgin ya and well he is fun and cool he came over and its just fun to be around him so much love for him
my so called bf is comeing over and i dont know he been a lil odd to me but what ever
why can a guy say they love you one min and turn around and say get lost guys need to make up there mind about woman other you love us or hate us stop wanting sex and get to know us cuz one day you will make the mistake and lose the best girl you ever had
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