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Yes I am that guy's blog: "Gun Control"

created on 02/18/2009  |  http://fubar.com/gun-control/b278731

Gun Control

Gun Control Anyone that knows me also knows that I am an avid shooter and gun collector. It’s a hobby I enjoy doing simply due to the fact I love competition. I crave it… and will never back down from a challenge even if I know I am going to lose. Although I might lose I will only improve myself with each and every shot. To me gun control is about hitting your target, the safe handling of a weapon and of course the regulation of firearms. Recently a teacher was suspended from teaching because of a picture she had on facebook of her holding a weapon and pointing it at the camera. I have to ask myself why a school board thinks they have the right to suspend a teacher for a picture on a webpage that wasn’t affiliated with the school, teaching or children? This was her personal page that outlines herself and what she likes to do. Social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook and Fubar all have sections for “About Me” where the user lists various hobbies, activities, interests and such that define them as an individual. Now the school board has black marked her for displaying a picture of her holding a gun. Obviously she has an interest in it or she wouldn’t have a pic with it. I even have a pic with one of my weapon on here… which was marked NSFW, um yeah okay. Anyway the teacher was also displaying her constitutional right to bear arms and the right to own a firearm. And mind you it is a right, just because it’s in the constitution doesn’t mean its automatic. In most places to own a firearm you can’t be convicted of a felony, have multiple misdemeanors, history of mental illness or even an exuberant amount of traffic violations or unpaid fines. Moving on, the right to freedom of religion is also a constitutional right and like gun control is a very controversial topic. So with that in mind if they are going to suspend this teacher for displaying her constitutional right of possessing a firearm should the school board then sweep Facebook and suspend all teachers that are openly displaying pieces of jewelry such as crosses, the Star of David or even wearing garments associated with specific religions such as the Jewish and Muslim faiths? If you are going to suspend her for her actions you can't show prejudice against one and not others. It needs to be a universal blanket that spans all topics that are in fact controversial if not you are alienating certain groups of people and that is being prejudice which is FAR greater of a contentious discussion. I am going to stop boring you with this now and leave it up to you to ponder and think about. Feel free to discuss, PM me or comment. Shoot safe… and when in doubt shoot twice. 
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Gun Control

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