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I walked through the local cemetery last night It was so quiet, everyone was at peace I felt so welcome, so at home there among the deceased I begun thinking, why do I continue on why do I inhale even one more breath when all I dream of is the eternal slumber that can only be brought about by death Grief and pain are the only inhabitants of a soul which would otherwise be an empty space Was it time for the end? This was the choice which I faced After all, everyday is merely a continuation of the one which preceded it There have been times when I felt slightly hopeful but there was never any hope when I most needed it And there is little I wish to recall the years are wrought with sadness I've lost my mind, a million times but I always find it again within madness As my heart has drifted along I knew it could not stay afloat with each day that passed I felt it sink deeper in misery's boat So there, amongst the dead I came to the conclusion That it was time to bring an end to my life's illusions The blood flowed like a river as I took a razor to my wrist I would have made preparations, said good-byes but, I doubt I'll be missed It became so cold as everything went black for the first time, I felt peace because I knew there was no going back No hope. No dreams. No anything. I had no further reason to try I no longer wished to live I do not regret the decision I made to die
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