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Cannibal's blog: "2012"

created on 01/17/2012  |  http://fubar.com/2012/b345986


DSide 31st Angelmama nate doGG alwaysOn Fubar
sh*t faced!
Level: Oracle (28)
Gender: Male, 30
Location: Jonesboro, GA
Status: ASSUALT n RObbERY CHARGES dISSMISSEd! thnCu GOD. but SCREW U Mn!!! Cost me $2000 n 4 days in Minneapolis jail n u tooC my AnGelmama. *Goin to sleep

DSide 31st...: ?.. your uGly azz really that mad that u have no booty? lol
FvckingCan...: huh? I have a giant fat ass..what you talkin bout Willis?
DSide 31st...: i just looCed at your piCs n u r a Giant fat azz with more stomaCh then nethinG. your proportion is FUCCEd!
FvckingCan...: Ahh but my grammar is awesome!
DSide 31st...: lol. SO!
DSide 31st...: n i should Give a fuCC y? u r who for me to Care? lol
FvckingCan...: Let me provide you a bit of insight. You are only as good as you are on paper. Same goes with the internet; you don't come across as cool or hip to anyone, just an illiterate 30yr old man.
FvckingCan...: By the way, you started this dialog in my SHITBOX! 
DSide 31st...: lol. n at what point was i tryinG to Come of to YOU as nethinG. btw u started this entire Convo by Comin to a paGe u werent invited to. so u looC really stupid. not me. i Cinda mind my own bussiness n do what i want n has nuthin to do with u n really aint want nuthin to do with u. n if u thinC i do nethinG to be "hip" lol. then that just shows what a lame by obviously beinG so used to that ConCept of "Ooo.. i wanna looC Cool" lol. i just be me. gtfo my shi* all tGether n mind your buss n u wont have to worry bout what i do
FvckingCan...: Google translator could not help me decipher. Please try your chat again, in English.
DSide 31st...: that would be if i aCtually felt it mattered what u thinC. LOL! y do u thinC u r somebody where i should even feel a need to answer to u? lol. that some supperiority feel thinG u Got Goin on. n its all about taste in women. really?.. ive never been dumb enuf to Go to a paGe with Hillbilly musiC n talC shi*.. if i dont like it or its obviously not for me or nebody liek me.. id be intelligent enuf to stay off it n not waste my tiem CritisizinG it as if they should aCtually stop likinG it CUZ i dont. lol.
FvckingCan...: Ok, I get it! You have a thing for me...that is why you keep chatting it up.
DSide 31st...: lol. ure on my paGe. u must be jealous of biGG booties n i guess have a thinG for blaCc dudes but mad u dont have nethinG we want n mad at her CUZ she does
FvckingCan...: Ok, let me get this right...you have a thing for black dudes?

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