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Sharkfin's blog: "Chaos"

created on 10/03/2006  |  http://fubar.com/chaos/b9661
Have you seen this new male scent spray called tag, or taz? It is supposed to smell like Chocolate. So the commercial shows this guy spraying himself down and then he looks like a walking candy bar… He is throwing pieces of himself at women he walks by and one woman bites his backside…I am like right….that is going to be a hit….just like the girl in the commercial that has the grouch eyebrows from Sesame Street and is walking around with planters peanuts as her scent spray…guys are just fawning over her… right…chocolate and peanuts are what all we idiots crave for… what on earth have commercials come too? I know they are gimmicks created to perform a want or need in our mind that the next time we have a choice we choose their products…Thank the Maker of the Geiko Commercials that I get tired of seeing a walking Gecko telling me what insurance we should have… Other then that I am home getting the place ready for a wine Party this Saturday. We are hosting it…and I am nervous to say the least we invited 50 plus to attend, and now it only looks like 16 to 20 are going to actually make it…yuck! The dude that is displaying the wines is driving a long ways to just come for 16 people..oh well that is the chance one takes. Have a fabulous day doing what you are going to do, I will try on my end to do the same…cleaning and straitening up the garage… Happy Hump Day and a Huge hug and many pats Marrtay
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