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Why do good guys always finish last? It seems that the guys who put the most effort forth, get the least in return. Im not sayin that they NEED it, but every once in a while, they do really deserve it. Unfortunately, ive learned this first hand. Im the type of person that would give everything, for one person to be happy and safe, many times . Ive given everything, to the person that mattered to me, and i got nothin, but troubles. Id give up my time, when i had none, id give up my strength, when i was broken down, i would give up my last breath just to keep them alive, they, would give up.................me, just so they didnt have to lose anything or have to make a decision on their own. Is it wrong to want to help ppl, is it wrong to feel that sometimes in life, u have to give everything u have, to get something in return? At what point is it that u have to just stop, and give up, on urself? At what point is it that i will finally get what i deserve, even if it is just a thank you. I dnt expect it, i would just like to hear it every once in a while, or even just once. To give up everything, u hopes, ur dreams, ur entire future, just to be with someone, to make them happy, to keep them by your side, is the hardest thing a person can do. The second hardest, giving up the person u spent so much time with, so much time for, so much effort, to keep with you. Love will never stop, my heart will beat, and every beat, i will give something i know i could lose forever, never stopping to think it might kill me, i will give, i will give everything, till the day i die, and then, ill give mysef rest. Until the day that i die, i will always give, even when i take from myself, i will always give, never expecting anything in return. I dnt think i deserve anything special in return, really, i dnt believe i deserve anything in return. At what point will i give till i have no more? At what point will my heart stop beating, stop caring, stop torturing me? With every beat it takes, i wonder when it will b able to beat no more, is that the day that i will get what i have given? will death b the only time i have for me? If so, im sure at a point in my life, where someone i love needs their heart to beat, when it doesnt, ill give mine, the last thing that i could ever give, as my last gift to the ppl i care about, i would give my life, just to save one or theirs. There are not many ppl alive, who would HONESTLY give their everything, just to let someone have another chance

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