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GreeneyedCaliforniaGirl's blog: "My Poems"

created on 08/23/2010  |  http://fubar.com/my-poems/b335497

Good Bye

Because I love you, I can let go.
I still care bout you deeply my feelings I will not show.
I think bout you every night before bed,
All through out the day thoughts of you flow through my head.

I listen to song you sent me after one of our last fights,
Believe me baby I wish I could make everything right.
I'll never forget the way we laughed or the hours we spent talking,
But honestly that doesn't keep me from walking.

We both moved on and grew up a little bit more,
There's no more trying to settle the score.
Just when I think your gone for good,
You come back and make everything so misunderstood.

I can't continue this cycle of off and on,
I hate to say this but please be gone.
No more late night call's of I love you,
No more confusion of what to do.

There's no more me there's no more us,
I'm sorry baby its for the best, simply must.
Let me go there's something better out there then me,
Once you let go you will finally see....

Good Bye Eric....

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