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So many years ago, the world was a matriarchal society. Women were revered and looked to for their wisdom and guidance. Men took that power away from women because it frightened them. They did not have the power to give birth, or to nurture the way women did--it was the Goddess's gift to her children--all of her children. For men also grew and were nutured by the Goddess power of women... they too were wrapped in her warm embrace and encouraged to be everything good within them. It has been too many years since women have allowed their power to be usurped and abused. We need to take it back. This does not mean we have to be mean, or aggressive. Goddess power is loving and kind, warm and nuturing. A woman can be President and still be feminine and all woman... she does not have to forfeit who she is at her core, her Goddess energy, to fullfill any dream... or to fill any man's shoes. She can do this by being forthright and engaging. Setting limits upfront, putting herself on equal ground. It is time we stood up and became the Goddesses were born to be. God, in both the masculine and feminine forms (for it takes both male and female to create life, does it not?), wants us reach our full potential. He/She gave it to us for a reason. It was taken from us and we allowed it. We must now reclaim it before the Earth and her children are lost. It is up to the Goddess, the nuturer, the lover, the mother, to heal the Earth and her children. Stand up.. honor the Goddess within you. Give thanks each day for everything God has given you, your gifts, your strengths, your love, your life... and walk looking the world in the eye knowing you are a goddess... and help reclaim our place among men. Men are awakening to this also. There are men out there that see now what was lost. They are helping the world open it's eyes and embrace the Goddess again. Once your goddess power is open, these men will find you and help you in your quest. Accept their friendship and their strength. The more people who understand the Earth's plight, the stronger we become. We are not more than men, but we are equal. We should be standing beside them, not behind them, or under them. We are not toys, or possessions. Do not be ashamed of who you are, of what you look like, of what you do, you are to be honored for all of this. Stand tall my Sisters... become the Goddess that you can be! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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