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Yes, once again I'm consumed in deep thought about this whole god thing. It really makes no sense, to me. If there was a god, why would there be cancer at all? Why would bad things happen to good people? You can't say you're blessed in one breath, and then dismiss god for anything negative in the next. That makes no sense. I've watched 2 people die from cancer. Sure, everyone they knew prayed. (With the exception of me, I suppose.) That sure as hell doesn't strengthen your faith in this imaginary god. In fact, I can't believe there is any righteous god that would allow such atrocities to occur. Don't confuse divine intervention with random coincidence or the limited control we have over our own destiny/fate. And if you're going to try to tell me that the "devil" is behind this, then god has obviously lost the war. There are people who say "god was with them" when something horrible happens, and that's why they were only severely injured instead of killed...or whatever scenario. Well, if this so called "god" was with you, whatever horrible scenario that happened, shouldn't have happened at all. Doesn't that make more sense? When things go well in my life, I like to contribute it to myself, and the series of good decisions I made that influenced whatever good luck I have. I'll take the credit for that. Thank you. Theists, of almost any kind, promote anti-progressive thinking. "Don't question what you've been taught!" is their moto. This is a catastrophe in itself, IMO. The more non-thinking extremists we get, the more chaos and confusion makes perfect sense to them. It's a learned process that infects the generations to come, and teaches them not to question reality, or to use their curiosity to obtain knowledge of anything that's not previously accepted by the elders of their society. This process, in fact, stunts the natural development of humans, IMO. Mixed with a delusion that god is "working through them", and a need to feel divine, this can lead to all kinds of dangerous actions/reactions. Try to find one explanation of why people should believe in the one and only god, and you won't find anything beyond, "because I am the LORD!" That's about the best reason they're going to give for blindly believing and obeying. Questioning that type of reasoning is considered blasphemy. It always has been. You're just supposed to believe because everyone else believes, and that's about the only logic there ever was for it. I don't believe there is a god. That doesn't solve the puzzle for me. Because if there is a god, then there must be even more and greater gods of gods...a creator of the creator. And if no creator was required of that creator, then why must we assume anything needs a creator at all? The incompatibility between science and religion is simply this: a scientist will not believe anything until he sees it; a religious man will not see anything until he believes in it. Any comments?
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