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created on 07/27/2011  |  http://fubar.com/ailidas/b342586

 Silong suddenly find themselves the envy of some of their teacher. At hermes handbags least the teacher can walk away and put down everything now. As a top blacksmith, a God-maker, able to use the best material to forging, that is how wonderful a thing ah!      Although Tang Hao has said, artifact with all the blacksmith forge iron, is truly God Carpenter. However, if God Carpenter to forge iron with God, how is that to a situation?      Managed to make their feelings calm down, Silong to hermes kelly the crowd  "I have come to invite you to participate in the auction of the General Assembly to tonight I hermes birkin was ready.

 hermes bags You please come with me now as far as I know, Tonight should be a few rare good auction there products, but also metal. "      Tang has been quietly observing Silong, although his eyes from Silong extreme desire to see even a little bit greedy, but did not see any evil. At this time of the president, has again become clear and the eyes. As  a top blacksmith, he was able to do this, it shows character. No wonder the story will give hermes birkin him to take care of the blacksmith association.

      In addition to hotel hermes outlet Blacksmith Association is always, come hermes kelly here again, the lobby's people are much less than a day. hermes outlet Perhaps because at this late hour of the reasons.      Not directly on to the auction where the four, but walked into the first three, then used to test the level of local blacksmith. Silong the crowd into a room, give them each a large black cloak, even the head and face are covered, hermes bags revealing only the nose and mouth, eyes out. Clearly to prevent leakage of identity. After all, the auction itself is a very private thing. Many buyers and sellers do not want to reveal their identity.      Re-boarded floor, Tang, is no less than to see them dressed in the same hermes handbags way people slowly into the floor to the auction hall. No one spoke. Everything seemed very quiet. This seems to be a blacksmith association auction rules.

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