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For you girls out there, here is a little guide to help you understand men by the comments they make. Category 1: Men that say you are hot or sexy. Not the type that read profiles. Always jumps into the most nude pic you got and dump a "Hot" before jerking off. Would you ever sleep with this guy you can be sure he will come before he gets his pants off. Category 2: Men that say you are amazing, awesome, stunning, or wow. A nice but slightly retarded guy. Someone that will follow your every step and do whatever you tell him... if he gets it. However, you might need to tell him to close the mouth once in a while unless you want people to stare. Having sex means you do the work. Category 3: Men that say your are georgeous or beautiful. This is the a fishing type that throw around generous comments to see what surface. Sometimes use foreign language to sound more interesting. Not very picky. Could easily do with miss Godzilla as long as the lights are turned off in the bedroom. Are generous with money, always leave tip after a good blow job. Category 4: Men that say you are a ten (10). This type is a die hard cherry collector. A really greedy guy that always ask for favours but hardly gives any back. "Take you out for dinner" means he eats and you pays. And finally, don't expect any sex unless you got dollar bills between your "lips". Category 5: Men that use words you don't understand. The faculty type. Unless you get turned on by politics or quantum physics at 3am in the morning then stay away from this guy. Sex ís either not happening or turned into a science project. Category 6: Me. Join my fan club immediately. (CLICK HERE!)

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