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inkdgrl's blog: "Gettin by"

created on 02/10/2008  |
How long does it take to get past another heartbreak? Seems like I just can't get it right. He seemed like he was perfect. Sweet, strong, hot, fantastic in bed, hard worker, good father. WTF? Do I just have a black heart-shaped cloud following me? He sd all the right things. Did almost all the right things but, hey, none of them are perfect, are they? One small flaw. One little thing he lied tiny little unmentionable. Ahh the joke is on me this time. Karma IS a bitch and she wears high heels. Stiletto's man. I was a fool. I loved him. I trusted him. Small thing...his wife...yeah, she kinda loved him too. Funny thing, lies. Him living 600 miles away helped out a lot. I think he really wanted to get away at one time. Then, it just all got out of hand and he didn't know what to do and now? He's staying there. For her? Maybe. For his 8 year old son, probably. So, I'm here and alone and really, really don't want to start over. Really, really wanna just give up on this whole stupid love thing.
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