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Wicked828's blog: "Georgia"

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Introvert, Sensor, Thinker, Judger (ISTJ) ISTJs represent between 11 and 14% of the U.S. population

Introverts' energy is primarily directed inward, towards their own thoughts, perceptions, and reactions. Introverts tend to be more reserved, private, cautious, and interested in fewer interactions, but with greater depth and focus.

Introverts often:
Have quiet energy
Listen more than talk
Think quietly inside my head
Think, then act
Feel comfortable being alone
Prefer to work "behind-the-scenes"
Have good powers of concentration
Prefer to focus on one thing at a time
Are self-contained and reserved

Sensors notice the facts, details, and realities of the world around them whereas Intuitives are more interested in connections and relationships between facts as well as the meaning, or possibilities of the information. Sensors tend to be practical and literal people, who trust past experience and often have good common sense.

Sensors often:
Focus on details & specifics
Admire practical solutions
Notice details & remember facts
Are pragmatic - see what is
Live in the here-and-now
Trust actual experience
Like to use established skills
Like step-by-step instructions
Work at a steady pace

Thinkers make decisions based primarily on objective and impersonal criteria--what makes the most sense and what is logical.

Thinkers often:
Make decisions objectively
Appear cool and reserved
Are most convinced by rational arguments
Are honest and direct
Value honesty and fairness
Take few things personally
Tend to see flaws
Are motivated by achievement
Argue or debate issues for fun

Judgers prefer a structured, ordered, and fairly predictable environment, where they can make decisions and have things settled. Judgers tend to be organized and productive.

Judgers often:
Make most decisions pretty easily
Are serious & conventional
Pay attention to time & are prompt
Prefer to finish projects
Work first, play later
Want things decided
See the need for most rules
Like to make & stick with plans
Find comfort in schedules

Meticulous and thorough, ISTJs are known for their exceptional ability to notice and remember details and facts with extreme accuracy. With ISTJs, their word is their bond and they are often described as serious, focused, down-to-earth and supremely reliable people who offer a consistently realistic and practical perspective. Characteristically quiet and hardworking, ISTJs have great practical judgment and can cite accurate evidence to support their views and apply their past experience to their present decisions. ISTJs typically communicate in a style that is clear, direct, and businesslike. They highly value common sense and knowledge from first-hand experience, and find comfort in their daily routine and familiar ways of doing things.

ISTJs Tend To Be:
• Precise, accurate & meticulous; great memory for details
• Task oriented with great powers of concentration
• Strong executers; organized, practical, & efficient
• Highly responsible with an exceptionally strong work ethic
• Adept at establishing & following procedures
• Dependable; serious about commitments & deadlines

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