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Ms Karen Marie's blog: "Shiny Nickels"

created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/shiny-nickels/b573

Anyone who knows me at all knows that my health sucks.  I could give you another long list of all the crap they've found but at this point it's just another pill.  I just try to keep smiling, and buy bigger bras of course :)




In the last month alone both of my sons have started being diagnosed with health problems.  It seems every time we see a doctor I hear the words "You know this is genetic right?"  Now I'm aware that it's ridiculous to feel guilty for passing this crap on to them, but it does get so hard some days to keep that smile on my face.  Like really they are six and thirteen why are they paying for losing in the genetic lottery already?  I was nearly 30! 



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