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wakenbake's blog: "funny"

created on 04/14/2008  |  http://fubar.com/funny/b207292
hey hows it going idk about u but im tired of going into fast food resturants and seeing fat kid approved food go fuck yourselves with a fucking loaf of bread stop shoving this fattening thing in my face when i go to fast food resturants i know its bad for me but i dont care i like it im still going to eat it im tired of seeing these signs that tell me how bad of i diet im on ur not eating that so were gonna put fat kid approved for the people who want to eat a healthy life style u wanna eat an alternative healthy lifestyle grow some vegetable in ur back yard and make a salad stop cluttering up my fat filled menu with ur low carb crap ok for all the dieting u do and the make over u get and all the other things u do to make u more attractive ur all gonna grow old ur all gonna get wrinkles and u all will eventually die so yea the super sized fries arent good for u but neither are the pesticides in ur salad alright so basically were all choosing how were gonna die let me kill myself in piece u controlling bastards these are the people who spill out a fact sheet of ll the things that are gonna happen to ur body because u had to have the large fries u know what the next time someone tries to tell u the health ramifications of ur large fries tell them of the health ramifications if u stab them in the throat maybe they will leave and let u enjoy ur meal
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