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moomoo's blog: "Funny"

created on 07/06/2009  |  http://fubar.com/funny/b302603

1.(415): And just as he was about to come, he screamed "Oh Christy!!"
(1-415): What's wrong with that? Your name IS christy.
(415): He then said, "Oh shit, sorry Julie."

2.(612): I'm torn. Shes everything I ever wanted, but I just cant get past the story about having drunken sex with her dog in high school.

3.(218): Yeah..And after he fingered me, he wiped it on my face and laughed.
(763): ew wtf

4.(302): she took her clothes off and my dick went from =====> to =>

5.(914): omg so im topless lying on my bed and i forgot my nail clippers are on my bed and i just leaned forward and the nail clipper closed. on my nipple. ouch

6.(914): i think i just was awoken by the sound of my roommate choking on her boyfriend's dick

7.(917): Memory from last night that just came back: me forcibly jacking him off while he yelled I DONT LIKE HANDJOBS I DONT LIKE HANDJOBS

8.(705): i thought i was pinching her nipple. It was her mole

9.(216): let's bang
(773): You're in my phone as 'Weird Bus Guy' so I think my answer's no.

10.(949): After going down on me he either said "there, it's over" or "there's an odor"... I couldn't hear him and was too embarrassed to ask him to repeat himself. I just got dressed, grabbed my bag, and left. So I don't think there's gunna be a second date. =(

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