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1. Do you still have all your real teeth? Nope, had them pulled for braces. 2. If you could look like any celebrity, who would it be? No one 3.How much $ is in you wallet right now? bwahahahahaha 4.Have you ever had braces? Yup 5. Do you go tanning? GO tanning.........? I go Burning! 6. Everyone says theyre funny but be honest, are you? least I think so and that's what really matters 7. Do you have big feet? Compared to?.......... 8. Do you wear underwear every day? Who's? 9. Are most of your friends older or younger than you? About the same age 10. Do you have more than 5 best friends? Nah 11. Confess, who have you kissed on your top 8? I don't have a top 8........whew! Got outta that...LOL 12. Do you like cheese? Yummmm Ceeeeeeeeese 13. How many tattoos do you have? 11 14. Do you like your hair? When I don't, I just buy more.......ha ha 15. There can be only one True or False: true 16. Have you ever stalked an ex? Define Stalk........ =) 17. Are you ambidextrous? Sometimes 18. When you were a kid, did you sniff marker? LMFAOOOOO!!! I did that last week, the blueberry ones ROCK 19. Have you ever been to vegas? Not Yet 20. Do you play lotto? Nope 21. What was the last birthday bash you went to? Mine... 22. How many times have you changed your cell phone? hang on......still counting 23. Ever become friends with an enemy? Does dating count? 24. How do you take your coffee? Why? You buyin? 25. Have you ever had a one night stand? Yeah, he 26. Can you play badminton? Yup 27. Did you chew ABC gum as a kid? ha ha no but as a teenager I did....boyfriends gum used to rock..LOL 28. Whats your favorite cereal? I don't really have on now 29. Whens your birthday? 5-21 30. How old were you when you got your license? 17 31. Ever prank called anyone? bwahahaha not tellin 32. Do you sing in the shower? yeah okay, I can think of better things to do in the shower 33. What was the last funny thing you took a picture of? LOL......pass 34. Whos the last person to make you cry? Same person I made cry back =) 35. Whos the last person you had drinks with? Hmm Chaos 36. Do you need to do laundry? LOL Need to, yeah 37. Last movie you saw? I don't really recall........we were having drinks...LOL 38. Whats your favorite TV show? hang on.......I'm thinkin 39. Ever flashed anyone? Yep 40. Do you like chocolate? it's okay 41. Do you play an instrument? flute, clarinet, bass clarinet and alto sax 42. Ever perform on stage? Bwahaha ha If you ONLY knew 43. What are you going to be for Halloween? Sleep 44. Can you admit when youre wrong? Why should I?, yes I do. 45. What time is it? Late as hell 46. Who was the last person to sing for you? Randall 47. Do you like ice cream? mmmmmmmmmmmm 48. Do you play video games? Kinda 45. Can you drive stick? He thinks so.....ha ha j/k 49. Do you collect anything? Dolls 51. Were you a geek in high school? Which hight school? 49. Where was your prom? Don't remember
Non conclusive studies have shown the following reason's men like oral sex: 12% Like the feeling 8% Like the domination 80% Like the fucking silence

This is wrong on soooo many levels...LOL. I don't necessarily endorse everything said here but it's still hella funny.

I got this from MILF a while back and posted it a few times. Since then, I've been asked many times to repost it. Since it's been requested and I've officially retired this thing from MY bulletins...I thought I'd blog on to your wig cause he's "fuckin bald".......LOL

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