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created on 05/27/2007  |  http://fubar.com/fukitol/b86318
so iun an effort to better myself and get back in shape i bought a mountain bike off a friend, a konsa stinky downhill bike. i start riding today just like this little 2.5 mile route i plotted and god damn . let me tell you people you wanna know how in shape you really are? hop on a mountain bike. good lord i made it the whole route. i had to stop 4 times, but i am proud to say i made it the whole way without walking. i hope this is a start to a good thing
so i was in a relationship for a year with a girl thought was made for me. recently things changed and she broke it off because she wasnt into it anymore or something like that. i have never felt like this about anyone this shit is rough. its been since tuesday and i cant get my mind away from it. to top it off me and her have been friends since middle school and we were roomates beforehand and i have nowhere to go and neither does she so we are roomates again. talk about odd. o well life rolls on we still care about each other it just didnt work i guess (for her for me i loved it ). i dont know if i really should be sharing all this but i need to tlk to help myself. thanks for listening
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