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Fuck Buddy Application
created @ 08/24/2012 06:52 am
mum expired. [FRIENDS]
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Sexual Preference:
Body Type:
Eye color:
Hair Color:
Do You Smoke?:
Do You Drink?:
Do You Drive?:
What Kind Of Car Do You Own?:
Do You Have A Source Of Income?:
What Is Your Job Title?:
Are You Currently In A Relationship?:
Do You Have Children?:
If Yes How Many?:
Have You Ever Been Married?:
Do You Have Any Piercings?:
Where Are They Located?:
Do You Have Any Tattoos?:
Where Are They Located?:
Why Are you Applying?:
Whats One Special Thing About You?:
Whats One Special Thing About Me?:
Whats Your Favorite Body Part On Me?:
Whats Your Favorite Body Part On You?:
Do You Work Out?:
Do You Play Any Sports?:
What Is Your Favorite Sport?:
What Is Your Favorite Type Of Music?
Are You In A Band?:
Do You Play Any Musical Instruments?
Are You A Veteran?:
Are You Currently Serving In The Military?:
If Yes What Branch?:
Are You A Fireman?:
Do You Wear A Uniform Of Any Kind?:
Do You Like To Cuddle?
Do You Like To Kiss?
Do You Like To Perform Oral Sex?:
How Long Can You Last?:
How Many Inches Is Your Penis?:
How Thick Is Your Penis?:
Do You Have Any STD’s?:
Have You Had Any STD’s?:
What Are Your Best Qualities?:
What Are Your Worst Qualities?:
Have You Ever Been In Love?
Whats The Most Important Thing In A Relationship?
Please post applications as comments or in my inbox if you feel its too personal. All Questions MUST be answered. No question on the form will hurt you chances of being considered. I am completely serious. I am not looking for a Boyfriend, Husband, Baby Daddy, or Sugar Daddy, just someone to have a little fun with.
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