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created on 02/22/2009  |  http://fubar.com/fubar/b279757

ok so, talk about a grudg!i was a lvl 10 or 12, got in a simple argument with a few fu~members, (who knows there connections with the fu~captains) but i was ONLY taking up 4 myself the whole time! funny how every since, every thing that has 2 do with points (rating, gaming, EVERY THING IN FU) its sum how rigged 4 my failure! is this all in my mined or wat..... NO! its rigged bcus i can NEVER do any good in fubar! how is it possible that they rig it all against a few of the ones they get shitty with? IDK but how can u exsplain every fu~watever i do i fail and every thing but in other gaming cites im darn NEAR at the TOP of the pages in points and lists! (dnt believe this just ask me my link, ill sho u who i am and u see im not as dumb as fubar betrays my talents here) any way this could all b in my own mined aswell, always keep an opend mind on wat otheres say as i keep an opend mind that this could b emaginitive! its crazey that im even puting this in blog but its sumthing that ive always wanted 2 let loos about! and 2 im just wandering if by chance any 1 els is exsperianced the same things. ive lingerd around fubar long enuff like a ghost cant find its way back 2 were he belongs, BUT IVE ALSO MADE MY GOAL! too proov that no matter wat, I STILL SUCCEED IN STAYING WERE IM NOT WANTED! the harder they pushed, the less id budg! any way, this is wats ben going on between me and fubar, NO I COULDNT LET! IT! DIE! call me crazey but UR the fucker that stayd here and read all this shit! lmao


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