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So I started using fubar again after being off for about a year due to not having internet to find most of my REAL friends were no lnger using the site.  I am starting to understand why.  It seems no one is willing to really talk and most people consider fubar a game.  Do not know what kind of game it is supposed to be.  But I have found it difficult to get help with getting a VIP or Powerup bling.  i have been here for 8-9 years and have always been someone you can rely on to come by every day if you are a real friend or family.  Tried being in an auction and could not get anyone to bid credits on me.  Been needing a boomerang and could not even get an offer to buy one using fubucks.  Starting to wonder why I go out of my way to help others get their requirements for leveling when a lot of people could not be bothered to help me.  That is okay because I think maybe if I cannot get help then maybe it is time to stop helping out others so much.  I am not a very self-centered person but I do not think it is fair that I poke, like, rate, fan, and switch my crush for those who need them in order to help others level and people cannot be bothered to go out of their way for me.  Well I have started culling people from my top friend list, my family list, and I think I may start removing people from my friends list if I notice they cannot be bothered to rate and like me back.  Hope all is well with all of you and that you are having a good weekend.

   As many of you may know I have been off of fubar for over a half a year.  I have just started getting back on fubar and I am looking for an auction to get into.  I no longer have a VIP and while my life is going ok.  I just do not have enough cash to buy a VIP or bling pack.  If anyone has info I would appreciate it.

I have begun to clear out my friends list. I am doing this because I keep having friends who I rate their profile and photos when they have Auto 11s and they cannot help me out when I ask for it. I hardly every have Auto 11s and when I have them hardly any of my 1,000 plus friends come by.  Also, when I get into an Auction no one reads the blogs or bullys and everyone wants to give me a hard time when I ask them to either bid on me or rate my pic.  If you have been a true friend of mine during the 2 years I have been on Fubar than none of this is directed at you.  I will be going through my friends list and rating everyone online through the next couple of weeks and those who do not rate back will get deleted.  Also, I will as always go by my friends with Auto 11s and rate several photos.  If my friends cannot return any of the love I give them then they will get deleted.  I am sorry if anyone thinks this is wrong but I am tired of people treating me like crap because I cannot afford to buy them stuff on here.


Black & White Auction


Black & White Auction Fu's!!!!!


* No Drama Will be Tolerated.

These rules do not have an Exception!!!!

Auto 11's or Cherry Bomb for most rates!!!

~☠~. Bad Kitty .~☠~ Fu-Daughter & Fu-Owned by Flanman ☠ Mistress to °°«MîñX

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I wanna make the Impossible Possible
Purple Purple Stars
My man just got to Prophet...... Purple Stars But He has been on here 2 Years and I wish I could get him to Oracle Soon and that is gonna be hard, Yes I know you may be thinking (THIS WOMAN IS CRAZY!!) Yes I'm Crazy in love for this man!! Purple Stars
Purple Purple Stars
Well my whole thing here is that I have seen people go down over 300k in one day without a Happy Hour and with the Auto 11 bling I have seen people drop over 1 million points a day...... Purple Stars I have Been trying to get one of my AUCTIONS to give to him or go and Exchange them for Fu-Bucks but I have Found nothing... Purple Stars anime purple Purple Stars Now I'm Going to the EXTREME and I'm trying to find help.... Now what I'm Doing is this...... Purple Stars He will Give out 10,000 Fu-Bucks for every 100 Stash or Photo rates during Happy Hours (This is Just For 10's) Now for 100 11's he will Give you 25,000 fubucks.... When he has an Auto 11 Bling Active he will still give 10k for a rate and he will give 50k for an actual 11, but this is during HH. When not HH the amounts are half. Purple Stars purple neko anime Purple Stars For Every Bling Received it Will go Like this (Just during Happy Hour, Non Happy Hours Is Half) He Will Pay 2.5 million For An Auto 11!!! * 1 Credits: 20,000 * 2 Credits: 40,000 * 3 Credits: 60,000 * 5 Credits: 100,000 * 10 Credits: 200,000 * 15 Credits: 300,000 * 20 Credits: 400,000 * 25 Credits: 500,000 * 30 Credits: 600,000 * 35 Credits: 750,000 * 50 Credits: 1,000,000 Here Is His Link The Bad Wolfy

@ fubar Purple Stars
Made By: ~☠~. Bad Kitty .~☠~ Fu-Own By Mikey! Fu Wife To Besame Como Loca & The Bad Wolfy!

@ fubar With Much love!!

Halloween Auction Photobucket Photobucket My Halloween Auction will open tonight, 10/21/2008 a 8:00 pm fubar time. The auction will run for 2-4 weeks, but every participant will have the right to exit once they have a bid that they believe is high enough. Please shoe all of these wonderful people some love and do not forget to show me, the host some love too. Photobucket
Rules: * No Drama Allowed * Minimum Bid 50k Photobucket All This is Brought to you by: The Bad Wolfy

@ fubar In Collaboration with: ~☠~. Bad Kitty .~☠~ ~~ Fu-Daughter to Flanman ~~ And Fu- Sister to Me & Luckyone86 ~~

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Help Us and We Will Help you!!! rose blue
(Everything I Do) I do it for you - Bryan Adams Photobucket
The Bad Wolfy And Bad Kitty are in a Giveaway and they need lots of help!!!!!! Photobucket
Neko Blue Photobucket
Here is the deal!! Photobucket We just got in another giveaway as a Couple..... We will pay 20,000 Fu-Bucks For every 100 Comments 500 comments max per person per day. Private message The Bad Wolfy after you have left the comments Yeah, that is a good deal!!!!! Photobucket Photobucket
Please, Come and help us out and remember... we will HELP YOU OUT!!! Photobucket
This is Brought to you by: ~☠~. Bad Kitty .~☠~

@ fubar With Collaboration of: The Bad Wolfy

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