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I am HAPPY that I've been able to catch up with some of my peeps. Lynn and I have been unpacking and getting the house set up. We took this weekend off to watch some football. We grilled out and had a Great weekend. I am learning to cook and suppose to cook Chicken and Dumplings today or Monday. School is out for 10 days and I'll have less time to unpack till Sara goes back to school. We have TONS of stuff to do with her while she is out of school. She is learning to play the PS2. She has done well the past 4 months. I still can't play. LOL I Fu' instead. We at least have time to unpack b4 Christmas hits. I know where 1/2 my decorations are. I will have my tree! The kids are geared to see Santa and eat cookies. We bake too many this time of year. We have a puppy now her name is Me-Ha Means babygirl. Sara LOVES her. I am not an animal person BUT this dog is smart and has won me over. She is a Minn. Jack Russell Terr. and is house traied. Thank God. We can leave her home and she won't tear anything up. We spoil her and taker her out with us ALOT. She loves to ride in a car. She tries to help me drive. She puts a paw on the wheel. I have to stop her from that. I don't want to wreck! Lynn is used to driving with her in his lap. This is my 1st dog since I was 8 or 9 yrs old. I'm a fish person. So we are one big happy family here. Such a better place than where I was a year ago. I thank those who helped me thru a dark time. XXOO DUH :-)

I have been offline for almost a year and have missed ALL my Fu-Friends. I hope to hear from ya'll soon. I have gotten my divorce and have so moved on. I am renting my mom's house now and can afford to be back on line. LOL Dad is doing well. The kids are fine. Sara started kindergarden. My boyfriend Lynn lives with me. We met July 10th and have been togather ever since. We have know each other for 21 years. We were friends from back in high school. We were never romantic. We were great buddies! I was in the store on July 6th and he asked if it were me and I said yes. We exchanged numbers,talked and had our 1st date on the 10th and I have not let him go home since. It is cool that our friendship is still there. If I had only dated him in high school maybe I would not have suffered in my past relationships. LOL I have thought bout him several times in 21 years and woundred if he was the one that got away. He is good to me and the kids. He is actually teaching me how to cook. If ya know me ya know I could only cook from a box or something frozen. LOL I am soooo much happier probally the happiest in my life. Not getting married for a bit BUT why rush. After Tony I am in no hurry to rush down and get hitched. We will one day just not right now. We are enjoying the time spent daily. We are getting ready for Santa and getting settled from our move. So not alot of time right now to be on line BUT will do when I can of course. LOL I have to delet Tony's pics off here so I don't have to look at his ugly mug. LOL. I can't wait to post my new pic.s almost a years worth. I'll get it done soon. So enough for now. Miss all my peeps and look forward to perving my female friends on Lezzy Thursday's. LOL XXOO to ALL

DUH :-)

Well it lasted 9 days. Tony went back to Tammy. I had asked him if Sara and I were safe. Tammy had talked 2 of 3 of her kids to kill their Dad for the insurnce money. Tony would not admitt it was true till he came back. Well I was concerned if they will try and kill their own Dad who am I to them? So he got offended and left. Oh well at least the divorce is final and I get childsupport. The only problem is he signed on the lease to the rental house and he is gonna have to eigther pay 1/2 the rent or get his name off the lease. If I can't get out of it then he should not be able to. The kids and I had a free place to move at my Mom's. I am still moving and miss my Friends. I'll be back as soon as I can.I am using his laptop right now. He took his new PC and mine is still crashed. So I have to get another one. I don't know how long that will be. I will let ya know when I should be back up and running. As sson as I get an idea of how long it will take to get a puter and internet service. I hope he lets me use the laptop till then? I'll keep ya posted. For those that are betting as to how long it would be b4 he left. We lasted 9 days.LOL Don't forget bout me. XXOO DUH :-D


Hey my Friends. I am just letting my peeps know that I have caught a BAD stomach virius. Last 3-5 days. You get sick every 30-45 min. Like clock work. Was up Wed. for 29 1/2 hours solid. Being that Tony bailed I had no one to help but my Mom. Thank GOD she was off work. On the 26th hour of being sick. I finally got some meds to stay down long enough to get some sleep. I woke at 4AM as usual and got sick once. Sitll very weak and The meds. I was given make me Sleepy! Now that I can take em and hold em' down. I will be sleeping today. Don't think I will be doing much Fu'ing till after the weekend. It is my Son's 9th B'day Sat. and we have the party to take care of. So this weekend I will be doing lots of family stuff. I just hope I have the energey for it. LOL Next week they are sending me for pre hysterectomy testing. It looks like it may be the 1st week of December when they do it. I do hope I bounce back quick from that. I have to pack up my apt. and get ready to move Jan 17th. Just my luck to have more issues on top of issues. LOL I will miss my peeps and will back ASAP. XXOO DUH :-(
Well my peeps. I signed my divorce papers 11 24 08 and if I am lucky I will have my divorce for a Christmas gift. Tony will pay for the divorce and he is not getting anything BUT his laptop, Ps3 and the games and movies that go with it. That is it. He will get visitation BUT was told if he drinks and drives with Sara and is busted he will looose his visitation. He claims to be sober since 11-23-03. Can you say too little too late! I was called yesterday and given a date of surgery. Dec. 10th. I will be in the hospital at least till Friday. I may have to stay longer if they find endometrosis around my colon. We hope all is well when they open me up. I will be uable to pack or move my stuff. I have one week to pack all I can and get my room ready at Mom's to move back into. After the 10th all I can do is point and grunt. I will now know how my Dad felt. I will miss you all while I am gone. When I do get home I do not know how long Sara will have to stay with the babysitter. I will follow up with the Dr. one week after the surgery and she will let me know then bout when I can drive and stuff. So Please say a BIG prayer for me and my kids. Sara seems excited to be going to the babysitters for a bit. Her 1st visit with Tony will be the Friday after my surgery. I will miss her the most. She gets me thru my bad days. No time to dwell on anything.LOL Note to my Fu-Bombers. I will be bombing as much as I can. Was told I can not be up much at first. So I will miss ya'll. Keep bombing. I'll be back and things back to some what normal by Feb. I have to get my internet hooked up and a phone line ran at Mom's I am trying to get her to add it now. So it will be ready when I move BUT we are doing all we can. I may be without internet for a bit. We will see. I will keep Peggy informed. I will miss ya'll MUAH DUH :-(
Well my Friends. I got out of the hospital Sat. at Noon. I go Wed. to have the 13 staples out. I am not well today. I have not been able to sit for more than an hour. I hope by Friday I will getting back to the ole me. The day I came home from the hospital my PC crashed. So for now I am using Tony's laptop. I was to suppose to put it in the shop today BUT was too sick to go anywhere. I will take it in the AM and hopefully feeling beeter. I have to go to the DMV and get my truck put in my name then I will got to the computer store. Tony is gonna have them call him so I don't get ripped off. Till my PC is fixed Tony hooked up his laptop for me. It tends to lagg a bit so bare with me. I will be back ASAP. I miss you all. XXOO MUAH DUH :-)
****Noon Update GREAT news Dad's MRI came back with no signs of a Stroke and no Tumors. He had to have 2 pints of blood and 2 bags of Iron. They tested his blood and all is well and after his 3rd and final bag of Iron he will get to go HOME! My step-Mom will be taking the next week off to get Dad a routine set then hopefully she can rest. The following week Sara and I will be taking care of him. We will go from there. Thanks for all the msg's and Prayers. They worked! XXOO DUH :-) P.S. It's still Lezzy Thursday. I have a babysitter lets have FUN! Watch out ladies I'm on the prowl now. LOL Weeeeeeee Hey ya'll. I want to thank the peeps that are concerned bout my Dad. I am gonna fill you ALL in. For those who don't know my Dad has been falling for months now. He has diabetes and they thought one of his med's was the cause. Well he has fallen several times since then. On 8 20 08 Dad fell and had to have an ambulance pick him up. They X'rayed his ankle and it was broken. He was sent home to have Same day Surgery on Monday 8 25 08. The ended up keeping him "overnight" The break was worse than expected and his bones are too soft for his age. My Dad has been having tremmors and talking crazy stuff that makes NO sense. So they called in a Neurolgist. They have ruled out Parkisons and are running more test. He had an MRI yesterday and we hope to have some info today. Last night the Dr. came in and said that the "problem with his blood" that we could not figure out what they were talking about. Is not Dad's blood sugar BUT his amount. He is anemic sp? and that they had to give him a blood transfusion. So a broken ankle has ended up being what it took to make em' find out WHY this is happening. Whatever! We just want him fixed or know what to expect next. Sara and I will be taking care of him after he is discharged. I will be taking him back and forth to his Dr.'s appt.s and fixing meals and whatever he needs. So if ya don't see me around. This is why. Just call me Nurse DUH LOL All prayers are appreciated. Thanks to Ya'll for being concerned I will be going to the hospital sometime after Tony and Sara have lunch togather. My Mom is gonna watch Sara. I have to be there for the afternoon Physical Therpy session. They are gonna teach me how to help him get his balace. He will be wheelchair confined till he goes back for his follow up after discharge BUT he will have a walker for going to the restroom and stuff in the house. I miss my Fu-Bombers and My Freinds. I'll get a routine set and will be back b4 ya know it. Tony is gonna give up some of his night time on his game so I can do what I need to do. So if I am not on in the day I will be at night. I LOVE my FU-Bar! XXOO To ALL DUH :-)
Wow what a Chirstmas. I had a Great time with my Family. The kids and I toughed it out without Tony. Well Tony stopped drinking Nov.23rd. and when he sobered up he realized what he was about to loose and he could not stop thinking bout me and the kids. He said he would wake up thinking about me. Thought bout me all day at work and when he would go to sleep. He could NOT get me out of his head. He realized what his drinking had cost him and he wanted us back. He feels bad bout Tammy and he told her while they were togather that he was on the fence. He was not in love with her. He loved me. She of course is hurt like I was BUT she knew going into it that he had a Family that loved him and that she was a homewrecker.I hope he does not make me out to be a fool. Sober Tony always liked me Drunk Tony NEVER did. I tried to be tough as nails and stated I would NEVER take him back. When he called Sunday and we talked bout what a mess this is and how we both still loved each other and we owed it not only to us BUT the kids to try and make this work. So he got his stuff and Sara and came home. Sara thinks she got Daddy to come home for my Christmas present. We still have to move out of the Apt. by Jan 19th. So yesterday we went hunting for houses for rent. We were suppose to be buying a house BUT that got messed up when he left. We will have to rent for at least another year to save the money up to buy. I know how some of you feel bout what has happened to me and the kids and do not think I should let him come home. I was lost without him. He screwed up and most of it was due to his drinking. That is no longer an issue. He was sober 3 years when I married him and I know he can do it. He is using our family as his strength. So like I said I hope he does not make a fool out of me. It is almost like we needed the time apart to realize how much we meant to each other. Lots of time will be needed BUT at least we are going at it togather and it is not just me trying to hold us togather. It has been nice to have him back. The pillows did not give any body heat and they don't snuggle. So I ask my Friends to pray for me and my Family. Tony and I have ALOT to do b4 this is all over. A good marriage takes time and effort. So we will do what we have to do to keep this family togather. Thanks to all my Friends that let me vent on my bad days. I will never forget how ya'll got me thru my tough times with Tony and Dad. Feel free to comment your feelings on this. I just ask again for PRAYERS! XXOO DUH :-D
Hey All! Just had to share the good news! Dad went to his Ortho. Dr. yesterday and they released him to go back to work. His ankle is still healing BUT He is doing much better. He only needs a cane to walk with now. He has Physical Therapy 2x's a week for at least 3 more weeks could be longer. I will however still be going to his house once every two weeks to pay off my divorce loan. Dad gave me the money to get my divorce. If I waited till I had the money I'd never get one. LOL. Tony has really messed things up. He has been with a co-worker for over a year and I just found out for sure on the 17th. That is the day he left to take her to Ft. Lauderdale FL for "OUR" weeks vacation. Dad and I jumped thru hoops to get all his Dr.Appt.s moved till this week so I could be off with him. Well he left that Friday. Was the 4th week in a row that he found a reason or picked a fight to leave and go somewhere. Well he was only getting some of his clothes! No Way! I made em' get ALL of his clothes and bathroom stuff. He has been without his computer and video games since and could not wait for the divorce to get the "crapy" laptop he bought me. He went out last night to buy a computer.LMAO. He is not only a DRUNK BUT is addicted to Dungeons and Dragons on line. He got to the point that he was calling in work 2-3x's per week cause he was too hung over or still drunk and would come home and drink and play at 8 am till he went to bed that night. He got to the point that he would NOT go anywhere with me or the kids. If he did we had to fight bout him not drinking and driving or we would have to wait on him to finish a quest. He has lost his family due to his drinking and VERY poor choices he made while doing so. Tammy aka the Ho' has no idea what she is in for. I am sooooo glad to be off the rollercoaster ride with him. Never knowing if he was gonna be happy or mad from one min. to the next. The Friday he left I picked up Patrick and he had no idea that Tony had came back from the 1st time he left. The first thing he said was Momma I liked Mr. Tony BUT I hated the way he treated you. Those words from my 8 yr old gave me the strenght I need to get this over and done with ASAP. I did not realize it was affecting the kids BUT it was. In more ways than I realized. Even Sara 4 yrs said on her own We don't need no stinkn' Daddy. So I am much more cautious bout what I say around them. I am trying to arrage some type of visitation with Sara and Tony outside of my Apt. it seems to be causing a problem. Tony seems to think it is grab and go time instead of visiting with his daughter. He also chooses to fight with me and she has seen enough of that! So we are tying to work something out. I really want to thank my Friends that have been here for me duing this crap and thur all my Dad's illness and injury.I feel so strong. I have a Friend that seems to think that it just has not hit me yet. OH YES IT HAS! The last time I took him back I told myself that was it and I drew the line. He was only taking a few things cause he thought he could come back here. He really needs help and I did the only thing I can do and that is let him go. He needs to get well on his own. The kids and I are staying in the Apt. till Jan and then we are moving in with my Mom till I can save enough money to get a house on my own. I want to do it on my own without a man to help "take care of me". I want to do it on my own and prove to him that I can do what I want without him. I have already seen a decrease in the groceries that I have to buy. With it just me and Sara we don't plow thru the food. We eat normal meals at noram times. Tony would eat and drink all night and by mid week we would be low on food. It has been so peaceful around here. I LOVE the fact that I don't have to walk on eggshells daily. I am trying to get "fixed" b4 my insurnce runs out. He keeps saying he is gonna drop me off the insurance b4 the divorce BUT he can't. I am done breeding. LOL I hope this clears things up for those that don't know where I have been. I have missed ya'll and hope to catch up soon. I will keep ya'll posted on what is goning on. I'll be back on Fu' now LOL Real World can go away for a bit again everyday. Once again Thanks to those who have hit me up and sent me things to make me laugh. You know who you are. Those that have not Please do so. LOL I love ya'll! XXOO DUH :-)
Hey ALL! Got Great news bout Dad. I took Dad to the Dr. on Friday to see how his ankle was doing. They put em' in a air cast and sent him to Physical Therapy (PT). The did not have a PT ava. So I took Dad yesterday to PT and now I only have to go and take em' to his Dr. app.'s and PT. No more Nurse DUH Thank GOD! I am now "Driving Mr. Daisey" LOL So I am sort of back. He has PT 2x's a week right now and I have lots to catch up on as far as cleaning my own house. Thanks to ALL that have sent well wishes and prayers. I have missed my Fu-Friends. Can't wait to catch up with all of ya'll and get back to being a Strong Bomber for the Fu-Bombers. Hope ya'll have a Great Day. XXOO DUH :-)
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