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Suga Lips's blog: "FUBAR"

created on 08/16/2007  |  http://fubar.com/fubar/b116312

Start keeping a list of who has me blocked.


I tried liking people from the hover bar and I get the [N/A public profile] box and they don't look familiar!



I think I need a secretary to keep track of this...

My 5th fuversary is on the 15th and it got me to thinking about first impressions. There are a few friends that I remember our first encounter, but most are hazy for me. I am old. I know a lot has to do with being a MuMMer and just conversing in countless MuMMs.


So, do you remember your first impression of me? Was I a bitch to you? Did you hate me? Tell me! I really want to know! :) I will try remembering my first impression/thought of you and reply.

Witchie threatened to stop our scissoring sessions if I didn't post this blog, so here it is.


Ask me one question and I will try to answer it to the best of my ability. (Within reason.) You should post a blog too, so I can ask you a question. :P

Thanks to everyone today for helping me with leveling requirements, I really appreciate it.


We've all posted blogs about the negative stuff that goes on here, so when this happened, I had to share because it's so not the norm among non-friends.

The level I'm on now has the requirement of polishing a fupony. I have a couple friends that would tell me if theirs were dirty (or about the time) to help out, so I wasn't really sweating it much. A guy shouted me asking if I needed a dirty pony. I said yes and I questioned his motives (feel bad about that.) He found me one in about 60 seconds and I polished it. I asked him how he knew. He checks the level up page and helps level 48ers find dirty ones. Just because he wants to help. I thought it was sweet, so I'm gonna share his link so you can rate or do whatever you want. I'm not even attempting to link it here, so check comments.

I have a HH on Sunday at 7am fu-time. If you're awake at this ungodly hour you will see my face on top for an hour. Weeee! I'm trying for 20mil points in 24 hours, so bomb me or something.





*I would like to thank MASokYst for helping me and listening to me ramble. :D

MASo won't let me blog. So this is me not blogging! :D Or blogging about not blogging. Something. Either way, he is REALLY bossy. This doesn't count as a blog, MASo.


I'm on cold meds and I'm goofy (more than normal.) Does he look mad? I bet he's mad. :D



Hiiiiiiiiiiiii peoples. How's you doin'?


I have always been open about who I like and who I don't like. I have been open about who my friends are. I have always said I will not judge a person solely on who is on their friends list. (Convicted pedophiles are exempt here.) Not everyone gets along and I know that. Some of your friends may not like me and that's OK. I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea.


If you have a problem with the people I think highly of or things I post on here: TELL ME HOW YOU FEEL. I am not a mind reader. If I cross a line, you can come to me. I may not agree with you, but I will respect you for having the balls to say something, instead of slinking around and deleting me to "save me the trouble".



Just had to be said.

Don't click the link!!! I know I shouldn't, but I do. WHY?? What is wrong with me?? 

I am a passionate person. I am emotional. I am impulsive. Act first, think later. It gets me in trouble a lot. I am not proud of how I acted regarding a certain incident that has surfaced and blown up the past few days. Torches have been lit and pitchforks have been grabbed and I haven't liked being a party to it. I don't like logging in now and seeing the crap I see being spewed all over. I don't come here for that. Had I known this would be the result, I would have sat in my corner. I am not condemning nor condoning anyone; this blog is for me. To get out how I feel, so I don't feel so disgusted with myself.


On another subject matter: I am sick of biting my tongue. I am sick of sweeping things under the rug because I don't want to hurt friends feelings or step on any toes. So...I'm not going to anymore. If everyone deletes me because of it, that's okay. At least I know I was honest and true to my character.

HH was fun, thanks to everyone who rated and polished and left comments and bombed. A special thanks to Passion's Fire.


Because of the huge bonus today, Rayna got over 18mil in points and can level twice. :D She needs 25 fans, sooooo if you're feeling kind, please fan her. Thank you. <3




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