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Layouts using this tutorial are very basic. This will change the background, the opaque to transparent and the font color.

The two values you need to change is the URL and COLOR. For color either use web-safe colors or the hexadecimal value for a color. After choosing and putting in the URL and COLOR choice, go here http://www.fubar.com/create_skin.php erase EVERYTHING that comes up when creating a skin and replace with this code.

To see an example of this code in action check this skin out... http://www.fubar.com/user.php?u=28863&preview_skin=455951


body{background-image:url(URL)!important;background-attachment:fixed!important;background-repeat:repeat!important;} table,th,tr,td,p{background-color:transparent!important;background:transparent!important;color:COLOR!important;font-weight:bold;}

...repost from Baby J's Blog anyone who's been reading my blogs knows that i've been doing a lot of (crazy?) stuff the last few weeks.. removing the requirements to level, adding salute filters to your profile, etc. in order to help fight off the spammers/scammers who're trying to infest our nice little watering hole, i've been forced to enable something that i've tried to avoid: email verification to post comments, send private message, send shouts, or have html displayed in your profile area. most other sites require you to verify your email address before they even activate your account. i always try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and try to keep the site as open as possible... but the spammers/scammers have been abusing it and this is one of the most effective ways to make it harder on them. if you don't know if you've verified your email addres, or if you need to verify it, please go to your profile settings page. under your email address you'll either find a 'Verified' label, or instructions on how to verify the address. it should only take a few seconds to complete. what does this mean to you? if you haven't verified your email address you'll start to receive error messages when posting comments, sending shouts and private messages. you'll continue to earn points and can surf around like normal. if you haven't verified your email address, the only people you can private message or shout are bouncers. the following members are excluded from the email verification requirement: # VIP's. # members with approved salutes. this will take effect in the next few hours. werd. -mike
just a reminder..... NEVER enter your fubar username and password on a website that isn't fubar.com! look up, see the browser url at the top of the page? it says something like http://www.fubar.com/home.php or something like that.... NEVER ENTER YOUR PASSWORD UNLESS IT'S 'fubar.com'.... not monkeyfubar.com, or fubarx.com... ONLY FUBAR.COM! if you look up at the url now, and it's not fubar.com or www.fubar.com, manually type in http://fubar.com into the browser url area, then login and change your password. thanks! -mike
***NOTE*** You have to be at least a level two fubar member to set your online status. 1. Go to “profile settings” http://www.fubar.com/profile.php 2. Change your homepage style to either “power” or “original”, the option is located at the right midway point of the setting options 3. Enter the bouncer ID check (case sensitive) and click submit. 4. Go to your homepage. http://www.fubar.com/home.php 5. POWER - the option is to the right of your primary picture 6. ORIGINAL – the option is under your username 7. Either select a status from the dropdown menu or click customize if you want to type in your own status message
MuMMers... First off, take a deep breath. Your MuMM suspension was nothing personal. The automated message you received probably told you it was NSFW. If it wasn't NSFW, it was flagged because it did not meet the MuMM guidelines. The following information will help you better understand your suspension. Also, I do not see 99% of the MuMMs that are flagged. I am just the guy who can help you turn them back on. Please do not shoot the messenger. Please make sure to read this entire blog. 1. I will not debate, argue, discuss or get involved in MuMM drama. 2. MuMM stands for Make Up Your Mind! It is a place for users to post legitimate questions asking for advice from our community. The format is self explanatory. Do not deviate from the format or your MuMM will be deleted. 3. MuMMs are NOT the bulletin board, Stash, photo gallery or your own personal blog to rant. MuMMs are not meant to perpetuate drama towards another user or the site. 4. MuMMs are NOT a soapbox or a place to promote your personal or commercial agenda. Use the bulletin board or your blog to do that. It won't be tolerated in the MuMMs. 5. MuMMs are not a place for you to post photos or videos. Use your gallery, stash or bulletins for this. Leave it out of the MuMMs. 6. MuMMs are not meant to be open ended philosophical questions. Stick to the format. If you want to ask an open ended question or post a rant. Use the bulletins or your blog. 7. Read number #1 again. If you contact me and read me the riot act, I will not respond. 8. Do not purposely flag your MuMM as NSFW to avoid getting your MuMM flagged. Violators will be banned from MuMMs indefinitely. Our goal is to keep MuMMs pure. Please do your part and think twice before abusing MuMMs. PS...this is to clear up a few misconceptions. All MuMMs that are flagged go to a queue for review from our moderators. Users do not have the power to delete MuMMs. If your MuMM is deleted, it is because it violated our MuMM policy; Please read 1-8. If I have asked you to read this, please come back a week from today and I will turn your MuMMs back on. DO NOT send me some long email telling me your reasons or rationalizations as to why your MuMM should not have been deleted. Due to the volume of email I receive, I won't read it and will hit delete. If you are a repeat offender, you will probably take a longer break then a week. Also, if you are rude to me, swear to me or act like an ass, your MuMM suspension could be months. Please do not take any of this personal and please do not take your frustrations out on me. Thanks Scrapper Examples of legit MuMMs. Should I cut all my hair off? 1. Yes, sharpen those scissors. 2. No, don't cut it. My girlfriends birthday is Friday. Should I get her? 1. Diamond ear rings. 2. Burger King I have had a long day at work. What should I do after work? 1. Go home and sleep. 2. Go drink a beer with some friends. My best friend hooked up with my other friend's girlfriend. I feel really bad about it and don't know what to do. Should I tell my friend or stay out of it. 1. Tell my friend 2. Stay out of it.
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