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Johnnydevil's blog: "Real Fu-Kin Life."

created on 02/18/2007  |  http://fubar.com/real-fu-kin-life/b56627  |  331 followers
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JayCee FanMePlz Heartbrokenlike me so hard!
Synful Syntra aka Mi... NinjaCrap!! I Wanted To Add The New 420 Inspired Mini Hats/Fa...
AL RL Husband to Tin... In love♥♥♥♥I Love My Wife♥♥♥♥
Mr Paul 4BDN Trying to workCelebrate Earth day by choking a tree hugger
J E S S A GoofyAnyone need a pimp out..
Kingvamp OnlineIf jen selter has the best butt on Instagram who has th...
Enchantress of Asgard Stepped awayRIP is not going on my grave. Nope, it will say BRB inst...
5th Wheel Evil"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, invo...
Pain Heartbrokenღ Im usually all about Live , Laugh , Love and Dance but...ღ
Undiscovered Soul Heartbrokenyou're my favorite dream....
HarleyChickCali OnlineMy # 3 Razor going for 15k likes Thursday..futime midnig...
Southern Otter ExcitedGirls who say “a lot of guys are after me” should keep i...
OUTLAW DSC FM2 Candi OnlineWhat's on your mind?thank you Easter bunny Bawk Bawk
AkAsHaScHiLd In loveSunday will be my 6 yr. Fuanniversary!! Celebrating with...♥♥♥♥♥♥
Jen ShyI am going for a gazillion likes today....So hit it! ♥
pandora In lovesweet dreams are made of these ♥
B k B x FuCT EvilNot EVERYONE is on Fu to hook up sexually. I'm here for ...
StarDevil Iz FuCT Ninjai guess this is my new status
Candi FM2 Outlaw DSC Stepped awayPlease like Champagene, link on my page. Rate.Fan.Add p...
RaVen Trying to workLiving my life.... Be back soon!
Blondie NO Blank Req... SickTrying to play catch up, now, Still need LE bling for ac...
KaRMa Onlineneed a vip...who wants to be awesome and make deal?
Peter Goezinya KGB NinjaNew bling! Yessssssssss
iC51NerdyBitchxOGAHO... Trying to workI want the Mexican fuPony bling I mean the Stuffed Pinat...
CHRISTINA Bummedni ni fu
Milfy420 x FM2 x My ... Stepped away1- Today is a great day. 2- Someone please own me :p & 3...
Heather Is Just Heather FoxyWhy do the crazies get all the attention???
Kiwi FE2 Phorce Ninjaℒℴѵℯ ♫♥ My Favourites! ♥♫
Brown Suga inlov... In love♥♥ started boxing today, was hard but fun
aLphameL Stepped awaystill working on this abominable report. have a good nig...♥
PoeticChaos THE Ganj... ExcitedChaos is an angel who fell in love with a demon.
EviL Kitten OnlineOooh new bling...cue the begging douchebags who obviousl...
ThisInks4U FoxyHahahaha I was thinkin about havin a Pinata for my BDay ...
flora NinjaAhhh there was just a little earthquake. Scaryy
AmethystWyne HeartbrokenThank you to my friends and family that wished me a happ...
Kloverlynn OnlineDont like guns> Dont buy one...and dont call the cops......
PHIL Passed outI’m going to start responding to videos people post of t...
Beautiful Disaster Stepped awayGonna give mah pillow sum head and my sheetz sum azz, gn...
xSugarShakerxNeed1Mo... NinjaPlease help my #1 Family he is going for 15k likes...lin...
CHEVYGRL fe2 Tia f... Stepped awayrates reset come spank me :p
Aynniebody Out There Passed outsweet dreams when you get there ~ nite nite xo
Lowcountry Chameleon Passed outNot as active here as I would like cause satellite inter...
WhiskeyGiant OnlineHope everyone enjoys the holiday if they choose to.
BellaLushIs Passed out" I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart w...’”
Earthangel FM to Jim ExcitedHad to do 2 massages back to back this evening. I am exh...
redeye Passed outChurch on time, makes me party!
nursenicenes OnlineG'd night all & to all a good night...
NawtyBella FitnessGu... Stepped awayoh ....JUST HERE FOR A SECOND TO SMACK MY GUYS ON THE AS...&♥

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